Tuesday, 13 August 2013

#PolitrickswithKO on Thursday. Topic: Women, Gender Inequality and Nigeria's democracy. Guests Ayisha Osori & Jenny Okafor.

#PolitrickswithKO on Thursday. Topic: Women, Gender Inequality and Nigeria's democracy Guests Ayisha Osori & Jenny Okafor.

Live on BEN-TV UK Sky 182 on line on www.bentelevision.com on and in Nigeria on Star Time: Thursday 15th August 2013 8:PM-9:PM (UK TIME)

Aysiha Osori

Ayisha is a lawyer, consultant and writer with experience in corporate practice, communications and gender advocacy. She has worked in energy, financial services and FMCG sectors and written a weekly column since 2008. She is the CEO of the Nigerian Women’s Trust Fund, an organization focused on increasing the number of women in decision-making.

Ms. Osori is a graduate of law from the University of Lagos and Harvard Law School and recently graduated from the Harvard Kennedy School with a Masters in Public Administration. She was called to the Nigerian and New York State bars in 1998 and 2000 respectively.

Ayisha is passionate about supporting the creation of an enabling environment for women & girls to maximize their abilities to live happy, productive, fulfilled lives.

Jenny Chika Okafor

President Nigerian Women in Diaspora Leadership Forum president.

Jenny is a UK based lawyer, passionate about equality issues, which promote and protect the physical, mental and moral integrity of all people regardless of their gender, background or circumstances in life. She believes in the sanctity of life. Her organization Nigerian Women in Diaspora aims to promote the interest of women and girls, including empowerment and leadership training.