Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Dr Fredrick Fasehun a New Sanni Abacha Follower?

Dr Fasehun was the President of OPC (Oodua Peoples Congress) when I was the organisation's Sec-Gen. I left the OPC when I noticed the inconsistency in the message and action of Dr Fasehun.
I would not in my slightest dream think the well respected Yoruba leader would degenerate to the level of romancing with the Abachas, it saddens me that Fasehun is rewriting his legacy and becoming e mockery amongst sane people.
Kayode Ogundamisi. Ex OPC SEC GEN

Afenifere tackles Fasehun on Abacha anniversary…Says his presence in Kano shocking, embarrassing By RAZAQ BAMIDELETueday, June 10, 2008

•Dr. Fredrick Fasehun Story culled from the Nigerian Sun News Publishing

The Pan Yoruba socio-cultural and political organization, Afenifere has described the reported presence of the founder and President of Oodua Peoples Congress, (OPC), Dr. Fredrick Fasehun at the tenth anniversary of the death of former military Head of State, General Sani Abacha in Kano as “unfortunate, shocking and embarrassing.”Speaking with Daily Sun in Lagos on Monday, the National Publicity Secretary of the organization, Yinka Odumakin, said Faseun’s reported presence at the celebration was very odd wondering, “what kind of signal is he trying to send across.”The concerned Afenifere spokesman who expressed the group’s worry and astonishment, however, informed that Fasehun has to be contacted to explain why he should be part of such a gathering reminding that Abacha was part of the June 12, 1993 presidential election annulment that led to the untimely death of a lot of pro-democracy activists, the bulk of who were of Yoruba stock, including the winner of the election M.K.O. Abiola and his wife Kudirat Abiola.His words: “I found his being part of the celebration a bit odd. That Dr. Fredrick Fasehun was part of the anniversary of Abacha who was responsible for the death of Kudirat Abiola, who incarcerated M.K.O. Abiola himself until he died in prison, who killed Admiral Omotehinwa, Pa Rewane and several other pro-democracy activists of Yoruba stock in particular is a bit odd.“For our own icon (Fasehun) to be found in such a gathering is rather unfortunate. To have been in a forum where Abacha was being celebrated, one has to see Dr. Fasehun to ask him what is happening because we are worried.“I think we have to see him and ask him what signal are we sending out? Personally, I was shocked to the marrow and embarrassed beyond explanation that such a thing could happen at all,” Odumakin stressed.Speaking further, the visibly baffled Afenifere national publicity secretary reminded that “OPC was a response to the annulment of June 12, 1993 presidential election. And for somebody like Dr. Faseun, who has rendered immeasurable service to Yoruba nation to celebrate Abacha is an indication that all what we have fought for had been lost.”
According to Odumakin, the country today was not democratic, the votes of the people didn’t count and so many martyrs including M.K.O. Abiola were lost to the struggle, lamenting that “celebrating Abacha by people like Dr. Faseun is like dancing on their graves,” which he declared was very unfortunate.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Reasons Why Senator Barrack Obama Could Not Have Won Any Election In Nigeria

Reasons Why Senator Barrack Obama Could Not Have Won Any Election In Nigeria.
From Kayode Ogundamisi.
1. Obama would probably be from the wrong tribe so he has got to wait 2000 years before it will get to the turn of his tribe. In Nigeria looting of the treasury is shared amongst the geo-political zone.
2. Obama’s father would have been unknown in Nigeria so the Obasonjos and Babangidas and those powers that hold Nigeria in bondage would have asked him “who is your father in this country”? Ask how Dimeji Bankole was imposed on the South West by his Politician father as the candidate for leadership of house of representative. Or how the Old Saraki made one son a governor, another daughter a senator, another daughter in the presidency and another one in the state house of assembly, or how Adedibu would chose and pick who becomes what in Oyo State.
3. Obama would have been speaking too much TURENCHI (grammar). In Nigeria we hate politicians who speak big grammar. We prefer semi illiterates like the Umaru Dikkos of this world.
4. Obama would not have agreed to go to the Okija shrine to prove his loyalty to his God father, ask the current governor of Abia State Who had to swear naked by Okija Shrine to prove his loyalty to Kalu.
5. Obama would not have had his own hired assassin, in Nigeria politicians keep death squads, ask how some of the boys in Niger delta were giving arms by the PDP governors to terrorise opponents.
6. Obama would have had only one wife and in Nigeria a politician must not only be promiscuous he must date every television presenter in the land or buy cars for famous presenter on NTA or AIT prime time or buy housed in London and New York for every young lady in the City.
7. Obama would have been too healthy to lead Nigeria, in Nigeria we prefer sick Presidents, ask how Obasonjo imposed a sick Yaradua on Nigerians, in a country of 140 Million people a sick man is the head of state.
8. Obama would have reached out to opponents in Nigeria, politics is based on tribes and region not on ideology, so it would be suicidal for Tunde Fashola of Lagos to Join a Northern party.
9. Obama’s father would have been from Ghana and in Nigeria we wont vote for you if your Papa is not the “Shon of the Shoil”.

10. Obama would have been too young; in Nigeria half of the leaders are great grand fathers that is why we recycle failures like Obasonjo, Babangida, Abubakar and the same Old Rogues.
NOTE: The list could be more but I would rather other Nigerians had to the list.
Kayode Ogundamisi odamisi2000@yahoo.com

Barack Obama, Would he have been effective in Nigeria?

American Dream, Nigerian Reality!

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

In Nigeria A Country of 140 Million People A Sick Man is The President

Dear All,

I am one individual, who gave Yaradua the benefit of doubt on his condition of health, but viewing him live on national television last week during his over 1 hour meeting with the media, I saw a President in Pain.I was more or less close to tears as I saw a president in pain, coughing almost after every sentence and obviously showing signs of great illness.Are we sure General Obasonjo did not impose Yaradua Knowing fully well that the Man would not be capable of lasting in office, Remember Obasonjos failed 3rd term project, Yaradua appears to be a good man, but we need to get a clear medical report of Mr President and if he his not fit to govern then his deputy Jonathan Goodluck should start preparing to be the 1st Niger Delta President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Kayode Ogundamisi

Doctors Insist Yar'adua has Churg Strauss Syndrome
Posted by Admin Sahara-Saharareporters, New YorkOn May 29,
During an interview session with a select group of journalists to mark the first anniversary of his usurped presidency, Umaru Yar’adua tried to downplay the severity of his health problems. But several medical doctors knowledgeable about his physical condition have reaffirmed to Saharareporters that Yar'adua was diagnosed a few years ago for Churg Strauss disease—and has been on a regimen of treatment since. According to the same sources, Yar'adua is also dogged by asthma, which may have been responsible for his persistent cough and labored breathing throughout the interview session. Yar’adua admitted to having been treated for a kidney condition in 2000. Even so, he tried to create the impression that his symptoms, which he admitted to in the interviews, were unrelated. But the doctors who spoke anonymously to Saharareporters said the symptoms Yar'adua admitted to on national television “are consistent with the Churg Strauss syndrome.” Dr. Salisu Barau Banye, Yar'adua’s personal physician, has been treating him over the years for asthma. Our sources indicated that, while governor of Katsina, Yar’adua had equipped the General Hospital in Katsina with dialysis machines to take care of his kidney treatments. Dr. Banye acted as the hospital’s medical director at the time.In the carefully packaged, nationally televised live interview, Yar'adua admitted that his arteries had dilated by 21/2 diameters, a condition that our sources describe as “vasculitis,” a major feature of Churg Strauss syndrome.Churg Strauss has a plethora of other symptoms, which may include symptoms such as psychiatric reactions as agitation or restlessness, which manifested by the inflation of the arteries of the brain. The syndrome also includes a condition called angioedema (accumulation of fluid in the face, which can also indicate the accumulation of fluid in the upper airway and compromise breathing in extreme cases), well-known cause of sudden death-a swelling of the face, can affect the ability to breathe, which Yar'adua rightly admitted during the chat. One of the doctors who spoke to us said that medical ethics respects a patient’s right to confidentiality about his medical condition—but with some exceptions. “A man who is in public office owes it to the people he leads to be candid and upfront about his medical issues. From that perspective, President Yar'adua ought to have disclosed his true condition instead of picking and choosing symptoms that bugged him at different times of the life of the syndrome before it was properly diagnosed.” They allude to recent disclosures made by the two US frontline presidential candidates-Barack Obama and John McCain as well as Fidel Castro, and US Senator Edward Kennedy.Yar'adua, who takes steroids, was flown to Germany in 2007, weeks before the massively rigged April elections that brought him to power. He has since been in Germany twice for medical emergencies, even though one of the visits was disguised as a quasi-official visit to the country. In April, Yar’adua was flown to Germany after he had a scary relapse. He spent 11 days in Wiesbaden, Germany, close to five of those days in intensive care where he was reportedly intubated (put on respiratory support).
He has since been trying to sell the hoax that his ailment was a simple case of allergic drug reaction. According to one of our medical sources, “What he didn’t tell the Nigerian public during his media chat was the underlying reason behind the adverse reaction to anti-malaria medication. Nor did he reveal that he was self-medicating on Metalcafin, an off the counter anti-malaria medicine when in fact he didn't have malaria as he claimed.”Churg Strauss syndrome has no known cure, even though it can be managed to prolong the life of its victim. Even so, the doctors who spoke to Saharareporters insisted that a patient with Churg Strauss was not likely to have the energy to carry out demanding official duties. Asked to comment on Yar’adua’s efforts to give an impression of improved health, one of the doctors said that a shot or two of carefully controlled substances—steroids--could always boost Yar'adua’s short-term ability to be active and to function at some minimum level of capability. “The steroids in his medicine cabinet could help him somewhat upbeat and healthy, but they certainly can’t sustain him for the long term,” said the doctor.During his presidential campaigns, Yar’adua had responded to lingering concerns about his state of health by bragging about his ability to play rounds of squash games.