Tuesday, 12 December 2017

The Countdown: 21 Nuggets on Muhammadu Buhari and 2019 Nigerian Presidential Election - My Take - Kayode Ogundamisi

1. A number of folks have asked me about 🇳🇬2019 @NGRPresident election. My choice of candidates so far until we get a surprise candidate. ⛔= No way. 💛= Maybe. 💚Strongly support. 💕Reluctantly.
@atiku ⛔
@GovAyoFayose ⛔
Kwakanso ⛔
Donald Duke 💛
@MBuhari 💕     

2. In 2011 and 2015 I 💚Strongly supported @MBuhari to the elective post of @NGRPresident as a matter of fact I supported GMB candidacy   physically, financially and in other ways in 2011 under the Congress for Progressive Change and opposed the then proposed merger with then ACN

3. My then opposition to the proposed CPC/ACN merger was born out of the principle that the CPC would over time become a party that would attract everyday people, it may lose in 2015 but slowly attract transparent grassroots across Nigeria like Labour was doing in Ondo State.

4. Despite the opposition by several supporters of the CPC to the merger  with ACN the political reality was that defeating a ruling party as  entrenched as the @OfficialPDPNig the, would involve a marriage between the good, the bad and the ugly and the grassroot base of @MBuhari    

5. Fast-forward 2015 a combination of CPC @MBuhari grasroot base, the political machine of @AsiwajuTinubu, a massive chunk of opportunistic @OfficialPDPNig vampires who were smart enough to notice the electorate’s desire for change, they read the  last rites to @GEJonathan & PDP.

6. @GEJonathan the opportunistic alliance of @MBuhari's base, the good, the bad and the ugly produced @APCNigeria Presidency and a first historic defeat of the ruling party in Nigeria @OfficialPDPNig   

7. Expectations of several core CPC base was that @MBuhari would use his first term in office to carry out a needed radical reform especially has he had nothing to lose bearing in mind his age, track record on transparency, his patriotism and love for Nigeria and experience. 

8. @MBuhari failed very high expectation that he would do things radically 
different, he may have performed by some standards but not to the standard of those of us who hold a higher performance indicator. Yes, better than the PDP days, not radically different from the PDP days. 

9. Party Politics: @MBuhari did not provide leadership to his @APCNigeria knowing that he was in bed with a coalition of good, bad and the ugly, he compounded things by letting his Uncle & few trusted clan mates to run his government in the early days. By his own admission he failed.

10. Emergence of @bukolasaraki : I am not a fan of Saraki, in fact I think he should be housed in the hottest part of Kirikiri for his corrupt tendencies, but he contributed to the emergence of @MBuhari as @NGRPresident but PMB mismanaged Saraki's emergence as @NGRSenate President.

11. The moment @bukolasaraki was able to emerge as @NGRSenate President in spite of @MBuhari's posturing of (I belong to no one) his Presidency and agenda became demystified to an extent, those corrupt ones we assumed will take flight discovered GMB as PMB was vulnerable.

12. @MBuhari assumed office as @NGRPresident, first move was to alienate his core supporters, his new friends and his Uncle started making appointments for him, appointments indicated unrivalled nepotism especially those from Northern Nigeria. It was embarrassing to put it nicely.

13. When some parts of Nigeria started screaming about marginalisation, we told them to look at the so called Northern appointment, Dr Tilde put it so well as 'family affair' most appointment representing the North had traits of Cousins, wives, associates of Northern ruling elite.

14. From day 1 core ‘BUHARISTS’ not later day debutants ‘BUHACHOPS’ started warning the @MBuhari Presidency about mismanaging the peoples mandate, we were labelled ‘attention seekers’ ‘just looking for appointment’ but @aishambuhari confirmed our position that today's PMB is not GMB.

15. If @MBuhari and @APCNigeria had carried out half of the roadmaps presented to Nigerians, it would have radically transformed Nigeria. What Nigeria needs is a ‘shock treatment’. Nigeria has Cardiac arrest and we cannot continue to apply semantics, whilst those elected to find a lasting solution keep doing the opposite, keep repeating same failed experiment.

16. Today what is left of APC are PMB himself 1. VERY FEW Core GMB Loyalist’s, 2. Disgruntled APC members who are (Rightly or Wrongly) not happy with PMB but too scared to leave. 3. APC Members who do not want to lose power and hoping their turn will come. 3. PDP members disguised as APC loyalist.

17. It is sad that even the worst of PMB is good enough to run for a 2nd term, it confirms the distressing state of Nigeria. 1. Good people can’t be attracted to politics. 2. Not 1 person good enough amongst today's candidate to challenge PMB on transparency. We are truly in deep trouble based on the very limited electable choice.

18. PMB can redeem himself if he rededicates himself to the radical transformation of Nigeria. Be more open to people outside his comfort zones. Open more channel for self-criticism & stop depending on praise singers, history wont forgive him if he fails Nigeria.

19. The question is not about PMB wining in 2019 the question is what will be his legacy after 2019. He needs to entrench party politics, help in democratising his own party, attracting young folks and also learn the spirit of give and take in politics, bring back the GMB that we all know.

20. It is in the interest of PMB and his legacy that the opposition party must be given a level playing feed to operate, that he PMB has failed to mentor anyone YOUNG and ready enough to take over from him in 2019 does not speak well of his leadership qualities. Never too late to make amends.

21. With ache, gritted teeth I Kayode Ogundamisi who have been following GMB since 2003 Strongly supported him in 2011 and 2015 can only 💕Reluctantly support him in 2019 to stop the VAMPIRES of yesterday, who are now gathering momentum and forming axis of evil until we get it right 4🇳🇬