Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Goodluck Jonathan got it right again! Kayode Ogundamisi

Goodluck Jonathan got it right again! Last week I supported President Jonathan's declaration of State of Emergency and the blitz on the affected state. I am not of the opinion that the opposition got it right in opposing the Presidents move.

I am glad some ACN lawmakers agreed with my opinion and voted against the party in support of the state of emergency. Today GEJ made another wise move, he'sordered the immediate release of all WOMEN held by JTF for being associated with Boko Harram and also ordered the release of suspects held for months without trial.

The president got that right, no Nigerian should be held indefinitely without being charged to court. What Jonathan is proving in the last one week is that he can be a Commander in Chief and also listen to the voice of reason by respecting the rights of those unlawfully detained. It is also pleasing that we've not heard of a repeat of the Baga incident and that the military seems to be threading with care. If the current trend continues GEJ would have made a huge turn around on National Security at least in the short term. In the long term the duty to bring about permanent peace would have to include stakeholders from all sides. I do not have to overemphasise that I am not a fan of the President but I cant but help to say it loud that GEJ GOT IT RIGHT AGAIN!

Monday, 20 May 2013

'Profesor Tam David West is a Pig and a Bastard' Asari Dokubo (Ijaw Warlord)

Ijaw Militant Asari Dokubo

Chidiadi Harry (AKA) Tamunoemi David West is the first son of my Maternal grandfather....His mother Omualaowiba was the third daughter of Opu Wari Dabo Kio Idoniboye-Obu(Alabo Dick Harry)....While my mother Bekinwari M.D Goodhead,Iya Erebo,wife of my father,Hon.Justice Melford Dokubo 
Goodhead was the last daughter.His mother Omualaowiba claimed she had him with Mr Sokari David West a celebrated bank of his time...Sokari had some marital problems with my Aunty and rejected the paternity of Chidiadi....Our grandfather Alabo Dick Harry in anger and great sorrow took the child and named him Chidiadi meaning God is alive or witness....Our grand father sent him to school as he did with all his over fifty children and other relations.After the demise of our grandfather in 1943 the responsibility of training Chidiadi fell on the shoulders of Stanley Dick Harry our Uncle....Omualaowiba's full brother.

All this while, Mr Sokari kept his distance from Chidiadi who did well at school....Chidiadi became a nuisance in the family and outside....his certificates
became his ego crutches with which he wants to dwarf all of us....A family populated by men and women who are at the top of their careers.....He became the bastard of the family....in all family gatherings aspersions and innuendos were directed at him...suddenly Mr Sokari appeared without a DNA investigation to claim Chidiadi as his son....His named changed from Chidiadi Harry to Tamunoemi David West....Tamunoemi is literal translation of Chidiadi from Igbo to Ijaw....But our Chi is not sleeping he knows the hidden and the revealed....we can fool and deceive men but can we do that to our Chi?

It was a great affront on the family when Chidiadi decided he wants to become our Wari Dabo....there was consternation and anger....many family members asked does this man not know his blood group....they forced his younger cousin...the son of uncle Stanley, Kio Idonoboye to retire from his top post in the NNPC to come and head the family....on the appointed day for the selection of the Wari Dabo Chidiadi did not turn up....the family against tradition and custom voted 221 for Kio Idoniboye against 3 for Chidiadi....He dragged the family to court.....We are still in court.

How on earth will i descend to the level of Chidiadi ?...I am an Alabo in Kio Idoniboye-Obu household,Obu,Idonibo,Obuama,Ombo group of War Canoe Houses,Soku and Alabo Edi Abali of Kalabari.Ala is the highest position a man can attain in Kalabari....Which Kalabari family will present Chidiadi as an Alabo without ridicule from other families?....That is why he needs to sell our people to be recognized by the Gambaris....The Gambari have tried to wash him clean.....like the pig he will never be clean before us.He has fought me severally in court and other arenas.....but victory Insha Allah had always been mine. Mujahid Asari Dokubo

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Wish I could do more for Nigeria a random rant by Kayode Ogundamisi

I've heard reasons to give up my liberty, my comforts, my personal childhood dreams for Nigeria, but I still think I have not done enough, for every time I blame those in power for what is wrong with Nigeria. Deep inside I still believe a different cause of action on my part would have made a greater impact. Permit me to assume that is how every other Nigerian with the desire for social justice and equality should feel.

No matter our political, ideological, religious divide, if only we as individuals acknowledge that we have not done enough, not just for our beloved country, but for our community, if only we can take a step further, strive to do something positively different, try another route, another model, a new coalition, a compromise based on justice for ALL, if only people do not see the need to do good as just a charity and fulfilment of the holy grail, but a duty they we owe humanity, a privilege to serve in ANY and every capacity, if only we recognise, that street sweeper, that petty trader, that truck driver, that bus conductor as a great contributor to what makes a great society, if we could just commit class suicide at every opportunity and not just hurry and run over the under-privileded, with the look of contempt and disgust, like they are not deserving of our majestic upper, middle class status, just if only,  just maybe we can bridge the gap, just maybe we can build rather than burn bridges, just maybe a BokoHarram victim irrespective of his/her tribe, race, gender or religion would be seen first as a human victim and a Nigerian deserving of our honour, protection and sympathy, than "our tribal brother" or "our tribal sister".

If only we could just be UNITED against a common threat to our very existence. Be it as Muslims, Christians, Animist Atheist, if only we could just ask that question WHAT WILL GOD want us to DO? If only we could do more than enough by getting over our bigotry, our disdain for those who look different, speak a different language or share a different heritage. just that could be MORE THAN ENOUGH.