Thursday, 29 August 2013

Nigeria's Boko Harram- What do they really want? Thursday 29th Aug 2013. 8-9 PM (UK) on BEN-TV

Nigeria's Boko Harram- What do they really want? Thursday 29th Aug 2013. 8-9 PM (UK) on #PolitricswithKo Ben-TV . Studio Guest: Dr Aliyu Odamah Musa

Dr Aliyu Odamah Musa is a lecturer with the department of media at Coventry University. He holds a PhD in War and Peace studies from the University of Liverpool. His PhD, titled 'The role of Political, Socio-Economic factors and the Media in Nigeria's Inter-Religious Conflict', takes a look at inter-religious conflicts in Northern Nigeria and specifically examines the possibility of political meddling and the role of the media in peddling falsehood, hyping tension and/or escalating conflict.

Aliyu has a background in print, online, radio and TV journalism. His field studies in some parts of Northern Nigeria after the July 2009 suppression of the Boko Haram insurgence has substantially enriched his experience of the sect’s modus operandi and forms the nexus of his forthcoming book titled “Boko Haram insurgence and sub-state conflict contagion in the Sahel region – a framework for conflict analysis and resolution.”

He has written several articles, including those published in peer-reviewed journals warning of the possibility of the violence enduring and spreading to other parts of the Sahel as the sect members escape capture and migrate continuously while intermittently carrying out lethal strikes.

Using the Epidemiological Triangle argument he insists that military action alone will only result in more civilian casualties and less likelihood of a permanent resolution of the crisis. His research interests include religious violence, Boko Haram, media and communications and conflict reporting/resolution.