Sunday, 1 July 2018

Nigerians are killing Nigerians! The Bloody Road to Rwanda - Kayode Ogundamisi

Perpetrators and victims of Ethnic/Religious conflicts are usually the poor and extremely vulnerable on both sides. Elites from both sides pour a lot of fuel into the fire. They are journalists, politicians, social media influencers etc, mostly far removed from the conflict zones. Most visit the conflict areas in time of peace.

They spread second hand information back and forth to paint themselves more as victims and not perpetrators. Most of them live in Abuja, Lagos, London, New York and co with easy internet access as tools to escalate crisis. Blood is a tonic for them. When the country burns it validates their theory.

When was the last time you saw the poor analysing the conflict on Channels TV. CNN or Al Jazeera ? All you are are elites from both sides conjuring propaganda to suit their narratives, to make their own side the victims and the other side the aggressor, the real reason for the conflicts are hidden, when you cover up the real reason for conflicts how do you hope to get solutions.

Conflicts are good news for Nigerians politicians, it gets them elected, they are good news for journalists as it sells papers, brings in adverts on TV. They are good news for bloggers as it drives traffic to the website, they are amazing news for Nigerian NGO's as it increases money donors give them, they are good news for the office based Generals in the Armed forces as they get more security votes to steal.

The only people who never gain from conflict are those based in the conflict zones and they are too ignorant, emotionally charged to pause and think, too angry to see the solution right in front of them. The THEY against US narrative is an effective weapon, a deadly one at that.

Above all the @MBuhari like those before him is displaying gross incompetence in protecting it's citizens. Sadly members of the governments too are far removed from the conflict zones. @NGRPresident barricaded in Aso Rock Villa

Most State Governors and local government heads of most of the Northern and middle belt states govern their States from Abuja. Like us, they hear the news of conflicts on TV. They wait for self centred religious leaders on both sides to take ownership and misinform the world.

Those killing Nigerians are Nigerians, those inflaming the crisis are Nigerians, those benefiting from the crisis are Nigerians, the victims are Nigerians, the solution is in Nigeria. We have a choice, Continue to DIG TRENCHES and BARRICADES or start a process of building BRIDGES or we may chose the bloody Road to Rwanda.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

The Countdown: 21 Nuggets on Muhammadu Buhari and 2019 Nigerian Presidential Election - My Take - Kayode Ogundamisi

1. A number of folks have asked me about 🇳🇬2019 @NGRPresident election. My choice of candidates so far until we get a surprise candidate. ⛔= No way. 💛= Maybe. 💚Strongly support. 💕Reluctantly.
@atiku ⛔
@GovAyoFayose ⛔
Kwakanso ⛔
Donald Duke 💛
@MBuhari 💕     

2. In 2011 and 2015 I 💚Strongly supported @MBuhari to the elective post of @NGRPresident as a matter of fact I supported GMB candidacy   physically, financially and in other ways in 2011 under the Congress for Progressive Change and opposed the then proposed merger with then ACN

3. My then opposition to the proposed CPC/ACN merger was born out of the principle that the CPC would over time become a party that would attract everyday people, it may lose in 2015 but slowly attract transparent grassroots across Nigeria like Labour was doing in Ondo State.

4. Despite the opposition by several supporters of the CPC to the merger  with ACN the political reality was that defeating a ruling party as  entrenched as the @OfficialPDPNig the, would involve a marriage between the good, the bad and the ugly and the grassroot base of @MBuhari    

5. Fast-forward 2015 a combination of CPC @MBuhari grasroot base, the political machine of @AsiwajuTinubu, a massive chunk of opportunistic @OfficialPDPNig vampires who were smart enough to notice the electorate’s desire for change, they read the  last rites to @GEJonathan & PDP.

6. @GEJonathan the opportunistic alliance of @MBuhari's base, the good, the bad and the ugly produced @APCNigeria Presidency and a first historic defeat of the ruling party in Nigeria @OfficialPDPNig   

7. Expectations of several core CPC base was that @MBuhari would use his first term in office to carry out a needed radical reform especially has he had nothing to lose bearing in mind his age, track record on transparency, his patriotism and love for Nigeria and experience. 

8. @MBuhari failed very high expectation that he would do things radically 
different, he may have performed by some standards but not to the standard of those of us who hold a higher performance indicator. Yes, better than the PDP days, not radically different from the PDP days. 

9. Party Politics: @MBuhari did not provide leadership to his @APCNigeria knowing that he was in bed with a coalition of good, bad and the ugly, he compounded things by letting his Uncle & few trusted clan mates to run his government in the early days. By his own admission he failed.

10. Emergence of @bukolasaraki : I am not a fan of Saraki, in fact I think he should be housed in the hottest part of Kirikiri for his corrupt tendencies, but he contributed to the emergence of @MBuhari as @NGRPresident but PMB mismanaged Saraki's emergence as @NGRSenate President.

11. The moment @bukolasaraki was able to emerge as @NGRSenate President in spite of @MBuhari's posturing of (I belong to no one) his Presidency and agenda became demystified to an extent, those corrupt ones we assumed will take flight discovered GMB as PMB was vulnerable.

12. @MBuhari assumed office as @NGRPresident, first move was to alienate his core supporters, his new friends and his Uncle started making appointments for him, appointments indicated unrivalled nepotism especially those from Northern Nigeria. It was embarrassing to put it nicely.

13. When some parts of Nigeria started screaming about marginalisation, we told them to look at the so called Northern appointment, Dr Tilde put it so well as 'family affair' most appointment representing the North had traits of Cousins, wives, associates of Northern ruling elite.

14. From day 1 core ‘BUHARISTS’ not later day debutants ‘BUHACHOPS’ started warning the @MBuhari Presidency about mismanaging the peoples mandate, we were labelled ‘attention seekers’ ‘just looking for appointment’ but @aishambuhari confirmed our position that today's PMB is not GMB.

15. If @MBuhari and @APCNigeria had carried out half of the roadmaps presented to Nigerians, it would have radically transformed Nigeria. What Nigeria needs is a ‘shock treatment’. Nigeria has Cardiac arrest and we cannot continue to apply semantics, whilst those elected to find a lasting solution keep doing the opposite, keep repeating same failed experiment.

16. Today what is left of APC are PMB himself 1. VERY FEW Core GMB Loyalist’s, 2. Disgruntled APC members who are (Rightly or Wrongly) not happy with PMB but too scared to leave. 3. APC Members who do not want to lose power and hoping their turn will come. 3. PDP members disguised as APC loyalist.

17. It is sad that even the worst of PMB is good enough to run for a 2nd term, it confirms the distressing state of Nigeria. 1. Good people can’t be attracted to politics. 2. Not 1 person good enough amongst today's candidate to challenge PMB on transparency. We are truly in deep trouble based on the very limited electable choice.

18. PMB can redeem himself if he rededicates himself to the radical transformation of Nigeria. Be more open to people outside his comfort zones. Open more channel for self-criticism & stop depending on praise singers, history wont forgive him if he fails Nigeria.

19. The question is not about PMB wining in 2019 the question is what will be his legacy after 2019. He needs to entrench party politics, help in democratising his own party, attracting young folks and also learn the spirit of give and take in politics, bring back the GMB that we all know.

20. It is in the interest of PMB and his legacy that the opposition party must be given a level playing feed to operate, that he PMB has failed to mentor anyone YOUNG and ready enough to take over from him in 2019 does not speak well of his leadership qualities. Never too late to make amends.

21. With ache, gritted teeth I Kayode Ogundamisi who have been following GMB since 2003 Strongly supported him in 2011 and 2015 can only 💕Reluctantly support him in 2019 to stop the VAMPIRES of yesterday, who are now gathering momentum and forming axis of evil until we get it right 4🇳🇬

Sunday, 15 October 2017

.@WorldBank Loan: @MBuhari as a Northern @NGRPresident. When Bigots See a Reflection – Kayode @Ogundamisi

@MBuhari's chances of becoming @NGRPresident 2019 are increasing by the day. The irony is that the ignorant and vitriol opposition is the one campaigning for him. Strengthening his Northern base with their daily dose of propaganda both online and offline, they are first to accuse Buhari of being a Northern President, every action is interpreted in the tribal, religious or primordial prism, if Buhari gets a loan from Islamic Bank to develop South Nigerian roads he is accused of trying to Islamise Nigeria.
Another out of the many examples is the recent propaganda about the World Bank. So seriously you don't expect the WB to focus on one of Africa’s worst humanitarian crisis because you so hate Buhari and the Hausa Fulani’s? when you guys accuse Buhari of tribalism just consider the reflection in your mirror, you are referring to your bigoted selves. 

When we had the militancy in Niger Delta then President Yaradua and your hero Gridlock diverted billions of dollars to some few men who took up arms against the state, they called it ‘Amnesty programme’, today a chunk of the budget go into a programme that does not benefit the whole of Nigeria not even the whole of Niger Delta, just hundreds of violent kidnappers and militants with AK47.
Today those folks get the salary for doing nothing, you bigoted souls turn the blind eye. So, because Buhari is from the North he should not draw the attention of an international agency to his countries humanitarian crisis.
Guess what? if the North and hundreds of 'talakawas' in his base had lost confidence in Buhari because of the state of the economy, you guys keep mobilising them for him. First you wanted the Hitler of Abia to humiliate him and Nigeria, that failed. 

Now it is another propaganda series. There are many other ways to expose Buhari such as his handling of ‘Grass cGrasscutter, his NNPC contract saga, his inability to deal with corruption from within his own circle, the slow pace of recovery, some of his obvious acts of nepotism, his off and on sickness records as President, his inability to sack none performing Ministers and many more, but no, you go for North and South divide, when your hero failed it was Nigeria that failed, if Buhari fails Nigeria fails again. The choice is yours.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

#NigerianNGOWatch Part 1 of Full Thread on Funds Received by Nigerian NGO's CSO's - Kayode @Ogundamisi

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Get off the internet, It is Never too late to Join Nnamdi Kanu's IPOB Militias - Kayode Ogundamisi

They start their rhetoric with ‘I am not a fan of Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB’ and then go on a long false equivalence, stack all the blame on our service men and women asking them to ‘go and fight Boko Haram’. Why don’t you also leave the comforts of your homes in USA, UK, Asia or wherever it is you kiss your children good night safely at night whilst you encourage young helpless folks in the South East to throw bottles and projectiles at a National Army. As you ask the military to go and fight Boko Haram, you can also enlist in Nnamdi Kanu Biafra Secret Service or his ‘Lion Brigade Marines’ as a machinery, after all, Victor Banjo also fought in the Biafra Army in Civil War 1.

Who do you guys think have been in the North East for years? many of them dying, many of those soldiers from across Nigeria daily paying the supreme sacrifice to protect Nigerians.
Don’t be ashamed say where you stand, you all want Kanu and his militias to have a free ride, Nigeria can burn so long it brings that Buhari down, where have you all been for over 2 years that this character has been propagating worst rhetorics than what led to the Rwanda genocide. Be proud but don’t outsmart yourself with the now broken record of ‘I am not a fan of Nnamdi Kanu’ go home and join his army of militias.
Those of us who have been down this roads before, who witnessed the death of poor Yoruba boys and girls pushed into untimely death by leaders who kept their kids abroad will not let it happen again. I am not a fan of Nnamdi Kanu’s IPOB. I am not afraid to say that, yes to restructuring and if possible Nigeria can choose to break but not at the price of sending poor kids to untimely death, whilst your children are safe abroad, sorry you do not have my support. As Sec-Gen of the Oodua People Congress, I screamed endlessly on the need for a higher moral ground, we lost many, all the principal characters are doing well today, the leaders are well, their children are safe but hundreds of 'followers' are buried, felled by bullets, names never to be remembered, it is the duty of those of us who have been down this road before to make sure it never happens again, even if it means we have to stand alone. Once beaten 10 times shy.
We will continue to counter your narratives and your propaganda. We will condemn Buhari and the government if and when they do wrong as we have been doing, we will condemn aspects of the military operation if and when it violates the rights of citizens as we did condemn them when they invaded NUJ office in Abia State but for now, let the Python dance. Kanu said he's got the nuclear capabilities to stop the python from dancing, he did say he would wipe out any Nigerian soldier who may choose to come to his Biafra Republic, in this battle, just like Civil War 1 we won't have winners, we will all pay the price, sadly the ground zero of the battle will pay worst price. Before you come with your 'I am not a fan of Kanu', make some efforts in taming your Frankenstein monster before it consumes all. Kayode Ogundamisi