Sunday, 31 January 2016

.@StellaOduah #‎AviationScam‬ disguised as Airport Renovation 26 point Commentary by Kayode @ogundamisi

I made 26 Comments on twitter regarding @StellaOduah and‪#‎AviationScam‬ disguised as Airport Renovation. Someone did kindly compile it here. Please read.

1. @stellaoduah if you love ‪#‎Nigeria‬ you will voluntarily report some of the contractors awarded 'airport renovation scam' to Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)
2. Dear followers I will be reviewing the 'Airport Renovation' contracts awarded by @stellaoduah as Aviation Minister under #AviationScam.
3. 1 of the highlight of @stellaoduah was the commendable project called 'Airport Renovation' but it ended up being one huge #AviationScam.
4. @stellaoduah you awarded Archvisual Solutions got paid N615,857,357.09 for 'upgrade of MMIA 11 terminal' but MMIA11 is a PPP & no renovation.
5. @stellaoduah why did ArchVisual walk away with N615,857,357.09 when they had no terminal renovation to make in MMIA11? #AviationScam.
6. @stellaoduah Ngonyama Okpanum collected N99,179,509.17 as consultancy remodelling of CAL,PH,YOLA, JOS & ENUGU terminals. #AviationScam.
7. @stellaoduah issue is whilst Okpanum walked away with N99,179,509.17 as 'consultancy' they never met with any on site firm. #AviationScam.
8. @stellaoduah now let us point out the amazing ABUJA CAR PARK extension contract. Maczoll ltd got N838,875,488.69 & work noted COMPLETED.
9. @stellaoduah anyone who flies via Abuja Airport will know that 'carpark extension' is far from 'completed' Maczoll ltd made free money.
10. @stellaoduah curious thing about Abuja car park contract is Maczoll got paid ALL its fee N838,875,488.69 b4 moving to site ‪#‎AirportScam‬
11. @stellaoduah how can you pay Maczoll all money even when they had not mobilise ONE WORKER to site? Abuja Aiport car park is a disgrace.
12. @stellaoduah Obis's ltd got N697,886,560.88 for upgrade of PH terminal building Airport and it is noted as 95% completed. #AirportScam
13. @stellaoduah if U've been to PH Airport lately that terminal building isn't 95% completed AT ALL Obis's ltd made a cool N697,886,560.88
14. @stellaoduah even Enugu & Owerri Airport Terminal buildings did not escape #AviationScam Enugu is claimed 100% Completed Oweri Completed
15 Obis's ltd got N598,095,100.69 for Enugu &Mesh Ltd got N459,070,736.28 for Owerri both claimed to have COMPLETED renovation #AviationScam
16. @stellaoduah what is mind mysterious about #AviationScam is that what is stated COMPLETED in your handover note tallies not with REALITY
17. @stellaoduah U spent a total of N7,537,636,232.61 under phase 1 for reconstruction & N7,793,222,484.17 for consultancy under phase 1.
18. @stellaoduah real #Aviationscam is how actual reconstruction N7,537,636,232.61 & consultancy N7,793,222,484.17 almost tallied?‪#‎weird‬
19. @stellaoduah I'VE spreadsheets up to Phase3. I will not even bother going any further, please review & help #Nigeria by speaking to EFCC
20. @stellaoduah it is obvious to me Airport Remodelling was a disguise for #AviationScam Airports now have ABANDONED PROJECTS & dilapidation
21. @stellaoduah if money paid to contractors had been well utilised U would have had legacy of handing over top class terminal buildings
22. @stellaoduah bright spot in #AviationScam is that GAT1 terminal was evidently completed but was it a scam to convince GEJ to release yams?
23. I am further amazed that you did not spare Enugu & Owerri Airport from #AviationScam one would think they would have been saved.
24. @stellaoduah the implication of Nigerian Airports Terminal building #AviationScam is that we now need more money to completed projects
25. @stellaoduah I hope you will have a rethink and voluntarily assist @EFCC_Nigeria in tracking down those firms involved in #AviationScam.
26. @stellaoduah I respectfully brought #AviationScam to your attention just in case you are an innocent victim. Best Regards Kayode Ogundamisi