Sunday, 11 August 2013

In 2015 Nigeria's desperation for change should not lead to replacing Hitler with a Mussolini. Kayode Ogundamisi

When politicians take the support of traditional friends for granted, make assumptions that they do not have to make policies clear, they should know it is the beginning of failure.

You do not pick power on the street, Nigerians have been deceived over and over again that EVERYONE and ANYONE aspiring to lead us after several years of PDP disaster must be ready to be subjected to the minutest of scrutiny.

Every word is important, every policy statement scrutinised, it is not just saying we have to replace PDP. It is telling Nigerians what will be different, and that story of how things will be different should be told, street by street, village by village, town by town, city by city, from from the bottom, the sea and creek of Rivers to the tip of Nigeria in the edge of Katsina, cutting across the border-town of Niger to that of Adamawa. Spending days and night in the creek of Ijaw to the deep Savannah. If ANYONE thinks power will fall on the table simply because 'CHANGE IS INEVITABLE' that person underestimate the plague called PDP, it is a deadly infectious decease that is killing Nigeria slowly and steadily since 1999.

So as you keep sounding me off about 'working for the enemy' let me leave you with a quote from  South Africa's former leader of the Black Consciousness Movement

"You must not forget how Hitler and Mussolini emerged as leaders because desperate people were looking for an alternative," Mamphela Aletta Ramphele

Our desperation for change will not see us replace Hitler with a Mussolini.

Kayode Ogundamisi