Sunday, 1 July 2018

Nigerians are killing Nigerians! The Bloody Road to Rwanda - Kayode Ogundamisi

Perpetrators and victims of Ethnic/Religious conflicts are usually the poor and extremely vulnerable on both sides. Elites from both sides pour a lot of fuel into the fire. They are journalists, politicians, social media influencers etc, mostly far removed from the conflict zones. Most visit the conflict areas in time of peace.

They spread second hand information back and forth to paint themselves more as victims and not perpetrators. Most of them live in Abuja, Lagos, London, New York and co with easy internet access as tools to escalate crisis. Blood is a tonic for them. When the country burns it validates their theory.

When was the last time you saw the poor analysing the conflict on Channels TV. CNN or Al Jazeera ? All you are are elites from both sides conjuring propaganda to suit their narratives, to make their own side the victims and the other side the aggressor, the real reason for the conflicts are hidden, when you cover up the real reason for conflicts how do you hope to get solutions.

Conflicts are good news for Nigerians politicians, it gets them elected, they are good news for journalists as it sells papers, brings in adverts on TV. They are good news for bloggers as it drives traffic to the website, they are amazing news for Nigerian NGO's as it increases money donors give them, they are good news for the office based Generals in the Armed forces as they get more security votes to steal.

The only people who never gain from conflict are those based in the conflict zones and they are too ignorant, emotionally charged to pause and think, too angry to see the solution right in front of them. The THEY against US narrative is an effective weapon, a deadly one at that.

Above all the @MBuhari like those before him is displaying gross incompetence in protecting it's citizens. Sadly members of the governments too are far removed from the conflict zones. @NGRPresident barricaded in Aso Rock Villa

Most State Governors and local government heads of most of the Northern and middle belt states govern their States from Abuja. Like us, they hear the news of conflicts on TV. They wait for self centred religious leaders on both sides to take ownership and misinform the world.

Those killing Nigerians are Nigerians, those inflaming the crisis are Nigerians, those benefiting from the crisis are Nigerians, the victims are Nigerians, the solution is in Nigeria. We have a choice, Continue to DIG TRENCHES and BARRICADES or start a process of building BRIDGES or we may chose the bloody Road to Rwanda.