Friday, 29 July 2011

Abuja October 1 Bombing! Niger Delta Group wants Okah brothers & others free!


1.We call on the government of south africa under president Jacob Zuma to immediately release our son, Henry Emomotimi Okah who has been languishing in South Africa prison since October 2nd 2010.It should be obvious by now to the South African government that Henry Okah is innocent of the Nigerian government orchestrated charges and there is no evidence whatsoever linking him to the October 1st 2010 bomb blast except for the statement made by professional false witnesses in Nigeria. President Jacob Zuma has ridiculed the South Africa judicial system and has allowed himself to be used as a pawn in Nigeria politics. One begins to wonder if SA companies with huge investments in Nigeria have been twisted and SA government officials and judiciary compromised.

2.The immediate release of our sons, Charles Tonbra Okah, Edmund Ebiware, Francis Osuwo and Obi Nwabueze from an illegal and cruel detention by the FGN.These men have been held in solitary confinement in cells measuring 3 by 5, 24 hours a day for 10 months.They are being held hostage and imprisoned inside a prison! Recently, they were transferred to a holding cell to share with 11 inmates condermed to death which is obviously meant to intimidate them psychologically.The men have been denied all prison rights enjoyed by all other inmates inside the Kuje prison Abuja including visitations and access to worship in the prison chapel.

3.Justice Gabriel Kolawole the presiding judge is a man known for his humulity and integrity.However those qualities without the courage to judge fairly and independently is useless (James 2:17) His constant and long adjournments in an open and shut case where the ijaw is explicit on proof of Evidence is being used as an instrument of oppression by the government.(1 chronicles 19:6-7)

4.Peace and Security has eluded the country in spite of the arrest and detention of these patriotic men who are known for their advocacy towards long term peace measures for the Niger Delta Amnesty programme and its long term implications put them on collision with those who fear the truth.We believe that the stone that was rejected by the builder will one day become the chief corner stone for a new Nigeria.(psalm 118:22)

5.President Goodluck Jonathan should beware of bad advisers and sycophants, including our so-called Elders and Leaders who are clamoring for political god fatherism and political appointment.What the president needs now are “Nathans” who will tell him the truth even if it hurts.Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.This is a wise advice from King Solomon (prov. 27:6)

6.The Nigerian government “carrot and stick” approach with Boko Haram and its offer not to prosecute members arrested amounts to double standard when the same government is prosecuting these men without ANY proof of evidence linking them to the attack of October 1st 2010.

7.Finally, the izon-ibe congress, representing Ijaw sons and daughters worldwide are calling for justice and not mercy.We call on all well meaning Nigerians and the International community to prevail on South Africa and Nigeria Presidents to “LET MY PEOPLE GO”.

Signed Comrade Tonye Bayefa

Statement on behalf of the family of General Emeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu

26 July 2011

Statement on behalf of the family of General Emeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu

We have been requested by the family of General Odumegwu-Ojukwu to clarify newspaper reports regarding his health and stay as a patient at the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

The Royal Berkshire Hospital is one of the largest acute hospitals in the NHS and is nationally and internationally renowned for its high standards of care, using the very latest treatments and clinical equipment available.

General Odumegwu-Ojukwu was admitted as an emergency patient from the Lynden Hill Clinic. He was suffering from a chest infection for which he received treatment. His condition is stable.

Contrary to reports published in a number of newspapers, the General has not suffered any further strokes since being admitted to hospital. He is not on a life support machine and has not been on one at any time while a patient in the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

His family wish to thank the staff of the Royal Berkshire Hospital for the care being provided for the General whose treatment is being funded as a private patient.

Any further media enquiries should be directed to the Public Relations Department but further statements will only be issued at the request of the General’s family.

Joe Wise
Public Relations Manager
Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust
Tel: 0118 322 6900

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Yes! I appointed Chief Comedian for Imo State! Rochas Okorocha!

The spokesperson for the governor, Mr. Chinedu Offor thursday evening confirmed the widely circulated appointments credited to Imo State Governor Rochas Okorocha. The appointments include "Chief Comedian, SA Lagos, SA Special to First Lady and other seeming outrageous titles.

“His appointments are in the best interest of the state. Everybody he has appointed has something special and beneficial to attract to the state. The governor saves about N150million for Imo state per day as he is not going to be earning any salary for four years. All the automobiles in his fleets are his personal vehicles and his family is not being taken care of by tax payers money unlike his predecessors.

“It is only ignorant people that are criticizing the governor. Take the SA to the governor on Lagos State (Nkiru Sylvanus) she is a very popular Nollywood actress who will use her brand face to attract business to the state. It doesn't matter if Okorocha appoints 1, 000 aides, his ultimate goal is to move the state forward”.Chinedu Offor

Full List of Rochas Okorocha’s 70 Special Advisers

The list is outside the 14 Commissioners and 11 Special advisers already appointed last month.


1. Barr Okey Okorocha - SSA Security Admin
2. Pst. Mrs Henrietta Jacobs - SSA Religious Affairs
3. Ibezim Sebastian - SSA Assets & Liability
4. Prince Charles Onuoha - SSA MDG
5. Mrs. Queeneth Okehie - SSA Finance
6. Engr. Chuks Ololo - SSA Info-Tech & Statistics
7. Hon. Chiadi Sunny - SSA Special Duties
8. Dr. Kachi Nwoga - Senior Technical Assistant (SSA)
9. Hon. Ngozi Njoku - (DG) Imo Foundation
10. Princess Gloria Akobundu - SSA Abuja Liaison
11. Daniel Kanu - SSA Agriculture
12. Ibebuchi Ethelberth - SSA Administration
13. Barr Benjamin Okemire - SSA Justice & Fairness
14. Barr Lady Rebecca Anozie - SSA NDDC
15. Chinyere Uwandu - SSA Lagos Liaison

1. Gedion Mefo - SA Niger Delta
2. Mr. Chimezie Duru - SA NEPAD
3. Onyema Onyebuchi - SA General Duties (DGov)
4. Mrs. Chinwe Victoria Ike - SA Administration (First Lady)
5. Barr. Mrs. Joy Oluchi Umealor - SA Legal Affairs (First Lady)
6. Pst. Bunmi Babs - SA Govt. House Chaplain
7. Donald Weife Ejifugha - SA Advance Protocol
8. Mrs. Ogechi Ololo - SA Domestic
9. Chiekezi Dozie - SA Investment
10. Roy Amadi - SA International Donor Agencies
11. Alh. Abubukar Ozuh - SA Inter-Party Relations
12. Mr. B.B. Ibekwe - SA Intra-Party Relations
13. Nze Ben Osuji - SA Chieftaincy Affairs
14. Pst. Frank Clement Onwumere - SA Production & StudioDocumentary
15. Onyema Opara - SA Media (DGov) Chief Press Secretary
16. Mr. Alfred Ononugbor - SA Protocol
17. Prof. Emma Okoronta - Technical Assistant
18. Mr. Raymond Duru - SA Transport
19. Barr Chukwuma Ume - Asst. Chief Legal Officer (Gov.)
20. Mr. Ebere Uzoukwa - SA Media (Print)
21. Liza Asumugha - SA Public Affairs
22. Nnanyereugo Onoaji - SA Diaspora
23. Chief Ebonyi Ohiri - SA Orlu Zonal Security
24. Engr. Cletus Amaraegbu - SA Igbo Affairs
25. Mr. Ugochukwu Onyekwu - SA Owerri Zonal Security
26. Mr. Innocent Okpokoro - SA Okigwe Zonal Security
27. Mrs. Florence Nwaife Anichebe - SA Special Duties (First Lady)
28. Mrs. Marie Ihediwa - SA Events (First Lady)
29. Wilson Nwachukwu - SA Non Formal Sector
30. Henry Nwabueze - SA Youth
31. Nkiru Sylvanus - Lagos Affairs
32. Uche Ogbuagu - Chief Comedian of the state


1. Chief Jonathan Anukam - SSA Owerri Mayoral Affairs
2. Mrs. Esther Ebuche - Member
3. Hon. Chidiebere Augustine Ezeigbo-Member
4. Chief Bona Ibebuike - Member
5. Lucky Charles Ukachi - Member
6. Mr. Chima Anumnini - Member
7. Arnold Iheanyichukwu Nelson - Member

1. Ichie Mbanaso Uche - SSA Orlu Mayoral Affairs
2. Mrs. Njideka Akuma - Member
3. Chief Ezesor Williams - Member
4. Mr. Tochukwu Udoeze - Member
5. Capt. Chris Ibekwe (Rtd) - Member
6. Mrs. Ngozi M. Obiefule - Member
7. Mr. Celestine Aladum - Member

1. Engr. Ifeanyi Ukachu - SSA Okigwe Mayoral Affairs
2. Mrs. Colllins Obi - Member
3. Hon. Chukwuemeka Anayoyi - Member
4. Mrs. Comfort Obi - Member
5. Mr. Julius Onyeneho - Member
6. Philip Amadi - Member
7. Chief Igna. M. Owums - Member

1. Kanu Nwankwo - Chairman
2. Emmanuel Babayaro - Member
3. Benedict Akwuegbu - Member
4. Mobi Oparaku - Member
5. Mr. Tony Dike - Member
6. Goddy Agbarakwe - Member
7. Mrs. Godstime Egbuchulam - Member

1. Prince Akanor Macdonald - Chairman
2. Engr. Frank Nwachukwu - Member
3. Engr. Charles Egwim - Member
4. Johnson Anyozie - Member
5. Engr. Chibuzor Njoku - Member
6. Engr. (Mrs.) Angelina Nwole - Member
7. Barr. (Mrs.) Patricia Nwole - Member

1. Hon. Agwu Ifeanyi - Chairman
2. Mr. Lawrence Nwaobodo - Member
3. Mrs. Queenet Okehie - Member
4. Mrs. Umar Ngozi - Member
5. W.A.C. Uwakwe - Member
6. Mr. Asonye Igwe - Member

1. Chief (Dr.) Placid Ekwueme - Chairman
2. Pseter Onu - Member
3. High Chief Uche Njoku - Member
4. Chief Ugochukwu Nnawuihe - Member
5. Hyginus Nwosu - Member
6. Hon. Larry Ajaero - Member

Commissioners are:
1. Mrs Ijezie Veronica Adaora
2. Mrs Ann Dozie
3. Barr Njoku Soronadi
4. Chief Christian Ejike
5. Lady Ogoke Chioma
6. Chike John Okafor
7. Prof (Mrs) Onwuliri Viola
8. Dr Njoku Obi
9. Comrade Emelu Kenneth
10. Chief Jerry Okoli
11. Nze Enwerem B. Ogueri
12. Barr Nelson O. Ezerioha
13. Ndukwu Emeka
14. Barr Steve Ahaneku

Special Advisers
1. Chief PC Onuoha-Political adviser
2. Prof Dike Francis-Legal adviser
3. Opara-Ndudu Nick-Economic adviser
4. Nwankwo Kanu-Sports adviser
5. Dr Amechi Sylvanus-Health
6. Prof Fabian Osuji-Education
7. Prince Akano Macdonald-Projects
8. Chief Obioha Mike-Tourism & Culture
9. Chief Mike Okiro-Security
10. Chief Ekezie Raphael-Petroleum
11. Jude Ejiogu-IGR

Single term not my idea, says Goodluck Jonathan

Single term not my idea, says Jonathan

'There is a brief comment I want to make on this so called single tenure. I wouldn’t have love to, but probably, it is becoming so topical in the papers. Most of the papers carried it today and when things happen, they do take it to a different direction.

"Since we are meeting here as the NEC of the party, it is probably proper to clarify some of these issues so that it will not be misunderstood. The rumour came in, it is me that asked some few people, whether a single tenure will be a better option than a double tenure.

"Before I take any decision, I used to ask people. But, that is not the end of consultation. It is a major chain. So, before I can even send such a bill to the National Assembly, I will consult with the governors because, any constitutional amendment involves the states and if they are not on the same pag e with you, there is no way such an amendment can easily sail through,"

"It (single tenure) has nothing to do with the four year presidency that Nigerians have given to us. We just wanted to clarify it and I think we need to mention that it was not my idea; it was the idea of the committee that I chaired which we believe those of us, the majority members of the committee believe, is the best option,"

Goodluck Jonathan. 28/7/11

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Mobutu Ebele Jonathan: Term Elongation Was Not Part of The Deal with Nigerians

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan wants term elongation for those who will succeed him, his party the Peoples Democratic Party remain in power as the only party to produce a President since 1999 return to civilian rule. We must remind GEJ term elongation was not on his manifesto. We shall resist it. For a President known not to keep to his words. GEJ is hell bent on pushing Nigeria to the brink.

His campaign promises reproduced bellow just in case he lost his memory. He should take the advice of his spokesperson Reuben Abati who told GEJ'S political Godfather Olusegun Obasanjo that Nigeria will be in crisis if he tampers with the constitution. The debate should not be about GEJ being a beneficiary it is about GEJ delivering on his campaign promise.

‎"Let D President organise a public debate on D 3RD Term agenda among his own Ministers & SA's, in full view of television cameras, with every sound & word recorded. He would be surprised that there are not too many of those men & women who would be willing to queue up behind him. & should the President succeed with the 3RD term agenda, he can only succeed in creating a crisis." Reuben Abati on OBJ term elongation.

Jonathans Debt and Promise to Nigerians

• A five-year plan to revolutionize agriculture and establish industries in the country (Oturkpo, Benue State February 17);

• A four-year development plan that would open up the South-South geo-political zone (Calabar, Cross River State, March 7); it includes a blueprint for coastal roads and railways;

• A five-year development plan to accelerate development in the country (Asaba, 25 February);

• Roads and other basic infrastructure to be developed in four years (Akure, March 2).

• Road construction to take new five-year structure, ending yearly budgetary allocations (Ibadan, February 9);

• Five-year strategic plan for road projects (Bida, February 22).

• A holistic review of the nation’s our education policy (Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, March 12)

Dispensing the third category of promisory notes, Jonathan seemed determined to give unto each Nigerian in the next four years and sometimes right away, a remarkable slice of fulfillment, with promises that teased and tantalized. Here, in state by state order, are a few:

In Aba on February 12, he promised to stamp out kidnapping; provide facilities that would boost the enterprising spirit of the Igbo; upgrade the Enugu airport to international level; dredge the River Niger; build a dry port in Aba for Igbo businessmen; complete the Second Niger Bridge; rehabilitate all the main roads into Abia; tackle the erosion crisis; and make Aba the Ground Zero of eventual aircraft production in Nigeria.

In Uyo on March 7, he promised to build coastal roads and rail from Lagos to Calabar.

In Awka on Feb 26, he said he would construct all the major roads which link Anambra with its neighbors; complete the ongoing aero-dynamic survey of gas in the Anambra River basin, which [leading to] power supply, then Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) industry”; complete the second Niger Bridge; and complete the Onitsha Inland Port. Nigerians would not be talking about generators after his four years in office, he vowed.

In Bauchi on February 9, he promised to intensify oil and gas exploration in the North-East Zone; boost agriculture, power and water supply; provide dams and power projects; establish two universities in the region; construct schools with modern facilities for 9.5 million Almajiris; and combat rising terrorism in the area.

In Asaba on February 26, he announced that the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation would create jobs for over 5,000 youths in the region; promised to transform the Nigerian oil and gas industry and make it the destination of choice for investors in Africa; convene a stakeholders meeting across the country where communities will be able to determine their priority programmes.

In Dutse, on March 17: Jonathan promised to establish airports in all the states without airports, with Jigawa as his starting point.

In Abakaliki on Feb 25, he promised the South East geo-political zone priority attention, especially in fixing its dilapidated road network and in healthcare delivery; dualize the Enugu-Abakaliki Express Road within one year; convert the Federal Medical Centre in Abakaliki to a teaching hospital.

In Enugu on February 12, he promised to stamp out kidnapping, ensure facilities that would enhance the enterprising spirit of the Igbo; upgrade the Enugu airport to international level; dredge the River Niger; build a dry port in Aba for easy access to Igbo traders; and complete the Second Niger Bridge.

In Birni Kebbi on March 20, he promised to establish schools for Almajiris, boost agricultural produce, ensure the take-off of the Federal University in Kebbi next year.

In Lokoja on February 21, he promised to revive the Ajaokuta Steel Complex and the Itakpe Iron Ore Company; explore the agricultural potential of the state to boost food security; establish a new federal university; ensure the speedy completion of the Lokoja-Abuja road project, and dredge the lower and upper River Niger.

In Ilorin also on Feb 21, Jonathan promised to end discrimination along ethnic and religious lines; tackle poverty; agricultural transformation of Kwara State; rehabilitation of the nation’s railway system; rehabilitation of the Ilorin-Mokwa road. He would also revitalize ailing industries and grant loans to farmers (objectives for which, he said, funds had already been earmarked).
In Lafia on February 7 at the North Central Zone launching of his campaign, Jonathan promised to end chronic power shortages; improve health and education; ensure food self-sufficiency; manage oil revenues better; create a Sovereign Wealth Fund. He would also clampdown on kidnappers and criminals; pursue law breakers to the ends of the Earth, and ensure there would be no sacred cows. He guaranteed a university in every state; proper care for communities along the water ways; and construction of a refinery.

In Lagos on February 28, Jonathan promised to partner with Lagos State in the interest of its continuous growth and the nation’s economic buoyancy. “We have taken this period to study what we are going to do and by your mandate in May 29, we will hit the ground running,” he said.

In Jos on February 17, he promised “a straight fight” against poverty; to create wealth by improving power and water supply; to build more dams and complete ongoing ones in order to boost irrigation farming in Plateau; to complete the Vom-Manchok-Jos road to boost economic links between Plateau and Kaduna states; to encourage more agricultural research institutes; refocus on solid mineral development.

In Minna on Feb 15, he promised to establish three power projects in the state at a cost of $2.1bn (about N315bn).
In Port Harcourt on February 12, at the launching of his South-South Campaign, he promised to commence “transformational changes” in the South-South; said the NNPC had begun investing in the petrochemical industry in the region; that the people in the region would be given a voice in the oil and gas sector. He promised to make the Niger Delta region the hub of the petrochemical industry in Africa.

In Abeokuta, on March 12, he promised to revive the railway system; revive ailing refineries; build new refineries.
In Akure on March 2, Jonathan promised that the bitumen deposits in the state would be exploited for economic development and employment generation; to provide funds for small and medium scale enterprises, mechanised farming and agro-based industries; and to partner with relevant agencies to harness the agrarian nature of the State “to open up the flank of semi and mechanized farming in the State to engender a paradigm shift from subsistence farming to reliable modern agricultural practices.”

In Osogbo on March 2, he promised to complete the Lagos-Jebba rail project right away; complete the Ife-Ijesa dam; enhance agricultural irrigation; provide farmers with adequate information; invest in petrochemicals, mining, research and development.
In Ibadan on February 9, at the SouthWest launch of the campaign, he promised to: run a transparent government; treat all citizens equally; respect law and order; turn around the nation's bad road network.
In Gusau on March 15, he promised to establish a federal university of technology within one year.
Jonathan’s fourth and final confetti carton of promises seemed designed to overwhelm anyone who had not yet folded under the avalanche:

• N50 billion set aside in 2011 Budget to facilitate employments for the youths (Ondo, March 2);

• build car manufacturing or assembly plants (meeting with leaders of the National Union of Road Transport Workers, Abuja, March 21);

• Revive ailing oil refineries and build new ones (Abeokuta, March 12)

• Collaborate with state governments to explore the solid minerals sector (Gusau, March 15);

• Spend N350 billion in building small dams across the North in the next four years to stimulate “massive irrigational farms” (Northern Economic Summit, Kaduna, March 19);

• Expand and develop the downstream sector of the oil and gas industry to provide about one million jobs (one-man presidential “debate,” March 31, Abuja);

• Make Nigeria an exporter of rice (Presidential Summit on Job Creation, Abuja, April 12);

• Crackdown on piracy in the entertainment industry (Presidential Summit on Job Creation, Abuja, April 12)

Compilation by Sonala Olumhense and Egghead Odewale

Monday, 25 July 2011

The Search for Odumegwu-Ojukwu.

Ikemba Nnewi Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu is a Nigerian icon and one of the most revered heroes of the Igbo. Governor Peter Obi of Anambra, Victor Umeh, the national chairman of APGA, and some of the governor's associates have created the impression that the Ikemba is currently recuperating in a top hospital in the United Kingdom. Governor Obi and his close associates have been pretending that the governor has budgeted lots of money to give the best care to Chief Ojukwu. When recently published an exclusive investigative report detailing how the governor has abandoned Ikemba Nnewi, Mr. Obi's handlers launched a media campaign aimed at misleading fans of the ailing leader to believe that the governor had been settling Ikemba's medical bills and that the former leader of Biafra was recuperating dramatically well.

Governor Obi recently claimed that Ikemba Nnewi is in "remarkably stable and satisfactory health condition" and even went on to say Chief Ojukwu would be home soon to be "waving to his supporters and chairing meetings".
However, my Investigation shows that Chief Ojukwu is not in any condition to be back home healthy anytime soon.

I tracked the Ikemba down at the Royal Berkshire Hospital (NHS) after a trip that started from The London Clinic to The Wellington Clinic, and Lynden Hill Home Care all at various locations in the United Kingdom.

For the sake of decency I have decided to only show just a side of Chief Ojukwu's bed, as it would be against all forms of decency to show his face. For the sake of posterity, however, I call on all Nigerians to mount pressure on Gov Obi and all those involved in the scam to milk Ojukwu for political gain.

Dim Ojukwu is on life support and unfortunately in a state that is too grim to be described. Just as Nigerians demanded the true state of health of former President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua, Gov. Obi, Mrs. Bianca Ojukwu (nee Onoh), and the rest of the Ojukwu family owe not just Ndi-Igbo but the whole of Nigeria the truth about what is really happening to a man who, even though he led the Biafran War, remains one of the great Icons of modern Nigeria.

Some parts of the video were blurred to protect the identity of the hard-working NHS personnel at the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

Kayode Ogundamisi

Friday, 22 July 2011

James Ibori's Friends.

Friday 24th Jule 2011 at the Southwark Crown Court London- United Kingdom venue of the money laundering trial of former Delta state gover, James Ibori, a rowdy crowd soon popped up in court claiming that Mr. Ibori's trial was political and demanded his freedom.

In this video shot by Kayode Ogundamisi, (incidentally the first citizen reporter to photograpgh Ibori's Bentley car parked in his London mansion in 2005), it was discovered that some of the so-called supporters did not know who they had come to support or at best, are not willing to talk about him.

The hired crowd numbering were reportedly sent by the Ibori's cousin and Governor of Delta state, Emmanuel Uduaghan.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

A tearful Jerry Rawlings, Ghana's former president "We'll be burying lots of children soon"

A tearful Jerry Rawlings, Ghana's former president, tells Jon Snow that "We'll be burying lots of children soon" unless aid money and medical supplies are received to alleviate the Somalia famine.