Friday, 28 August 2015

Oga @MBuhari Nigerians Need IGBO to make We Head Correct Gan ni so we no go dey scream mogbe! mogbe! !

Oga @MBuhari Nigerians Need IGBO to make We Head Correct Gan ni so we no go dey scream mogbe! mogbe! !

Make i first thank you Buhari, since you waka come goat don dey run from yam, since you waka come Nigeria don dey get small small respect for International community, since you waka come e be like say light sef don take style improve, since you waka come thieiving don become corruption, since you waka come civil servants don dey check themselves, even soja boyz sef don take style serious, but he get wan small matter wey I wan put my mouth.

So na season 3 of my Ogbonge oga Buhari appointment, for season 1 oga appoint Garba and Femi, me I vex I talk say why oga need 2 town criers, country people say make I take ‘EYES WATER’ kulu my temper down, okay I come kulu down, then Season 2 oga Buhari come appoint some people again, I come say why many Ahmodu, Mohhamed come full inside, but people say I too dey quick misyarn, dem say make I kuku, okay I come kulu, then yesterday Season 3 oga Buhari come make im 3rd set of appointments, na so so people wey dey the other side of River Niger full am, ahh! Ahh! Ahh! Mogbe! Mogbe! Mogbe! Na so I come scream say wetin dey happen? I vex again, na so people say make I shut up.

Dem say even if Oga Buhari pack all im cow for im Daura farm so long dem be ogbonge competent people I no matter, I come ask say why e be say na for only other side of river Niger competent people dey? Dem say make I shut up again say na people we yoga Buhari trust e go walk with! Ah! Ah! Ah! Mo gbe! Mo Gbe! Mo daran! So all those people wey bin dey follow oga Buhari from Imo from Ondo from Akwa Ibom since ANPP days oga no trust dem? Ah! Mogbe ! Mogbe! So if I enter Villa now na so so babanriga I go dey see, no be so dat Otoueke man pack people wey im ‘trust’ for villa? Ijaw people, but that time we shout, we scream, we say mogbe! Mogbe! mogbe! For Army Ihejirika sweep all our people from the other side of River Niger pack im Ndi Bayi brothers, Stella Oduah pack im igbo people for Aviation, we scream yepa! Mo Gbe Mo gbe but now dem say make we no scream!

I beg me I don write memo go give oga Buhari, no let oraisa people deceive you o! Federal Character mean say make you look for COMPETENT people from across the country, we no say you get good intention but Nigeria na wan kain country wey be say efery action wey u take, country people go look am with correct lence, people wey fit change Nigeria dey efery part of Nigeria, people wey you fit trust dey Uyo, dem dey Argungu, dem dey Otoueke, dem even dey France, dey New York make you open yah touché light look for people deep inside Nigeria, no let bad belle people come distract your good intentions with controversy wey u no need, for diz business of changing Nigeria we must make sure say we do am with equity. No let anybody deceive you say e no mata, e mata gan ni, if e no mata why Jamb dey say person we come for wan side need 180 to enter university and person for the other side need 250. If e no matter why e be say some state no dey contribute nada internaly but some state dey give Oyel, some dey give plenty VAT tax for cigger and ogogoro yet some sharia state wey no like ciger and ogogoro dey collect the VAT chop clean mouth. I beg e matter well well.

By the way Nigeria no be Igbo Yoruba and Hausa Nigeria get minority people wey plenty, wey good, we no corrupt and wey fit do the work of change. Me I don talk my own o. I still remain Buharist and I still believe say na God keep you make you take change Nigeria, change we institutions, save us from plenty Mogbe ! Mogbe! Situations. God go bless you oga Buhari! I beg no forget the promise wey you make say you go make me Chief Warder of all Nigerian prisons, na me go dey give corrupt people koboko inside jail. I remain loyal sah, make I go draw wan correct Igbo – Mazi Kayode Ogundamisi