Thursday, 16 September 2010

Nigerian Election 2011. The Battle For The "Cyber Generation"

Team Ribadu is a late starter in the cyber space and due to the mysterious nature of the Ribadu Campaign many Ribadu fans are migrating to either the Buhari or Goodluck Camp

Crestfallen is the best way to describe the Ribadu followers as they expect a more aggressive campaign and from the camp of the former anti-corruption bigwig. Observers note a level of “reluctance” on the part of Ribadu to jump into the “murky waters of Nigerian politics” as he would have to “relate and associate” with most if not a larger number of politicians he indicted as head of EFCC. Ribadu candidacy is the dark horse that may well be the surprise of the 2011 Presidential Election.

Team Ribadu

Team Goodluck. Till date the most creative of the Presidential Hopefuls with almost 200,000 fan base and the power of incumbency the Goodluck Team is spending a lot on mass text messaging and remain till date the most creative of the aspirants.

Team Goodluck may have everything going right with “new generation” campaign but it is surely not getting the votes on the ground in terms of support from the relevant power blocks. The team is yet to get the South West political block in shape and it is sure not getting enough from the North. The Appointment of the Nigerian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom (a political lightweight from the North) and that of Gbenga Daniels (a very controversial and fast waning political lightweight from the South West) is the first sign of weakness from the Goodluck camp. In Nigerian politics any shift of momentum to the Goodluck camp will see other’s “falling in line” in a country not lacking in political opportunism.

Team Goodluck

Team Momodu is very well-liked amongst the entertainment and flash youth crowd. Underestimated but gaining a lot of attention from youth within the entertainment industry it is seen as the “jester” candidate but Momodu is getting few reviews in the mainstream media but quite active on social network media.

Team Momodu

TEAM IBB Team IBB is the most aggressive of all the candidates. Despite being the most loathed team. IBB is getting all the media attention mostly for the wrong reasons but with it come the advantage of “THE TEAM TO BE AFRAID OF”. It is believed that the GEJ team see IBB as the main threat to the incumbent’s ambition and that is based on the assumption that whomever wins the ruling PDP ticket is a sure bet to be sworn in as President in 2011.

IBB The Man They All Hate To Like!

Team Buhari is described as “cyber shy” the team seem to emphasise on the old style politics of “ground mobilisation” the team is gaining more ground in Northern Nigeria amongst the poor and may be the team that will “give the PDP a run for the money in the north” If politics is about grass root mobilisation team Buhari is an epitome of building from the scratch, what it lacks is the “National Spread” as it is yet to make in roads to the South of Nigeria and may just need an alliance to give the PDP a good fight Nationally. Team Buhari has a small but voiciferous following on Facebook.

Team Donald Duke. Since declaring his intention to run for the office of the president in Nigeria, mum is the word from the former Nigerian governor. suave and creative, Mr Duke took a shocking step described as “un-Nigerian” to reveal how elections are rigged in Nigeria by himself and several Nigerian politicians. Not so much is coming from Donald Duke and he his not really seen to take advantage of the cyber-generation.

Team Duke

Team Atiku: A controversial candidate who is used to “fighting adversaries” Team Atiku is largely absent from the cyber space. Very well referred to as the “barbers chair” of Nigerian politics Atikus tendency to “decamp” at the slightest provocation is working against him as he finds it difficult to get a strong hold of the PDP a party he left for the mainly South West based AC. A founding member of the Yar’Adua PDM political network Atiku is a wheeler dealer who should not be dismissed. He may not be able to win the PDP primaries but like most contenders in the race Atiku may be playing for relevance in the scheme of events.

Team Atiku