Saturday, 1 December 2012

Musings on Betw a Bloody Nigerian Revolution and a Peaceful 'CHOPPULATION' Kayode Ogundamisi

So many talk about a Nigerian Revolution going on. It is a buzz you hear at every public discussion on the State of The Nigerian 'Nation'

You want a revolution but you don’t want bloodshed. I don’t want bloodshed too; in fact I have no moral right to call for a REVOLUTION in Nigeria if I am not physically located in Nigeria.
So people should stop screaming about REVOLUTION like it is some tea party. The ruling elite and the oppressors in Nigeria use the instrument of violence to sustain the status quo so any talk of a REVOLUTION without violence is a waste of time and needless semantic.

We (Nigerians) appear to have settled for the famed “learning process “ and we seems to have resolved that we are better off with our jeje ‘TRANSFORMATION”, it is a longer process but it is at least peaceful. It produces new oppressors, a new set of middle class and ‘influential country men/women’

So let those who wont be located at the forefront of the barricade stop screaming about some imaginary REVOLUTION.

Better still start a transformation of your person first, stop fronting for corruption, stop making excuses for the incompetence of your tribal person or the fellow who share same religion with you.

First step towards change is your ability to overcome your own prejudice, bigotry and self-centeredness, deal with that in 2015 by voting COMPETENCE over mindless primordial sentiments from Local State to Federal Elections and wasting your time on the so-called REVOLUTION!