Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Former 234NEXT editor responsible for Jonathan's Independence day lies:

President Jonathan query S.A. Research & Strategy Mr Oronto Douglas.

Former 234NEXT EDITOR Molara Wood who now works in Aso Rock as a "research consultant" reported to have included unsubstantiated business day article claiming Transparency International had issued a ‘recent’ statement acknowledging Jonathan's commitment in the fight against corruption, the false statement is reported to have been included by Ms. Wood during final editing.

Despite the disjointed rejoinder by the presidency, an embarrassed Jonathan is reported to be unhappy with the display of incompetence by his research and strategy directorate.

More embarrassing is a statement issued by a Reno Omokri that Nigerian Presidency takes "unchallenged Newspaper reports as a NOTORIOUS TRUTH".

Mr Omokri is a personal assistant to President Jonathan's special adviser on research and strategy. In a new twist Aso Rock sources insist the position of S.A. to the president on social media is non-existence.


  1. Again Ogundamisi, do you proof read? I know you deleted my first comment and you have now updated the article (you know how to dish out criticism but can't take it LOL). The last word should either be in quotes "non-existence"(sic) (if you're quoting whoever said it) if not the correct term is 'non-existent'

    By the way I'm a fan/follower ; - )

  2. Guess Molara Wood has joined the gravy train. Not surprised, what a great shame.

  3. I wonder if Molara's good friend Ikhide will curse her out on twitter as he is wont to do all the public looters :)
    She is such a disgrace and obviously lacks any real principles -from NEXT to Aso Rock to work for this useless govt. She and Abati are kith and kin

  4. Molara Wood works for GEJ? WoW! What a shame!

  5. Anonymous3 October 2012 05:29 I'm guilty as charged, paid the price for rushing the note.

  6. I am sure Molara is horrified that you've exposed her REAL day job. I wonder what she actually thinks of the president's speech. So what is the role of an SA on documentation? Nigeria and Nigerians don't fail to amuse me especially the false pretenders like this Ms Wood.

  7. "And so, in my other life, I am Special Assistant to the President on Documentation. I was hired as a professional & there's validity to that" Molara Wood on twitter

    What a shame! Molara Wood is part of GEJ government...Shaking my head in disgust.

    Where is Ikhide on this palaver?

    Mr. Ogundamisi, thanks for exposing Molara Wood. This woman is shady. What a shame!

  8. Most Nigerian columnists and critics are shady. Only trust yourself in that Country, Nigeria.

    Molara Wood is a disgrace to my generation. And, she called herself a feminist. Who is her godfather/sugar daddy in Nigeria. Yeye woman. Asewo.

  9. I thought Molara Wood was fighting for corruption and injustice in Nigeria. Without realizing that she is part of the elites that are ruining Nigeria. It's disgusting.

    Kayode, thanks for this expose.

  10. Which elites? Who dash? She is hungry for money! Can't you see her big red eyes? I beg leave her alone let her continue to tweet rubbish to her followers. At least life dey after a failed career. What I can't forgive her for is bring that fool Ikhide to Next to open his dirty teeth. What can he say about this? If Molara mess, will he follow her to smell it?

  11. I heard of your revelation, it's spread faaar. So I looked up the accused on twitter. She didn't do it. What do you have to say to that?

    1. You're so naive! Why is Molara Wood working for the Presidency? The woman claimed to be ohe side of Democracy. She is a double agent, pretending to represent oppressed Nigerians, albeit, she is in the same boat as Reuben Abati. Awon omo ale. Bush people.

    2. to be on the side of Democracy.

  12. Abegee ooo! What has Ikhide got to do with Molara's mess or poo? Is it a crime to be a former colleague?

    Molara Wood is claiming that her job specification exists, so she should publish her appointment letter online as soon as possible or shut up!

    Since Molara has made such a claim then there was no need for Ogundamisi to apologize to anybody.

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