Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Former 234NEXT editor responsible for Jonathan's Independence day lies:

President Jonathan query S.A. Research & Strategy Mr Oronto Douglas.

Former 234NEXT EDITOR Molara Wood who now works in Aso Rock as a "research consultant" reported to have included unsubstantiated business day article claiming Transparency International had issued a ‘recent’ statement acknowledging Jonathan's commitment in the fight against corruption, the false statement is reported to have been included by Ms. Wood during final editing.

Despite the disjointed rejoinder by the presidency, an embarrassed Jonathan is reported to be unhappy with the display of incompetence by his research and strategy directorate.

More embarrassing is a statement issued by a Reno Omokri that Nigerian Presidency takes "unchallenged Newspaper reports as a NOTORIOUS TRUTH".

Mr Omokri is a personal assistant to President Jonathan's special adviser on research and strategy. In a new twist Aso Rock sources insist the position of S.A. to the president on social media is non-existence.