Saturday, 8 December 2012

Goodluck Jonathan is only an UNDERTAKER for Northern Nigeria By Kayode Ogundamisi

"Northern Leaders Blame Jonathan’s Administration For Region’s Problems"  Guardian Newspaper.


Y'all know I am not a fan of Ebele but hers is the most ridiculous charge against Jonathan by clowns and big time

IDIOTS  who call themselves 'NORTHERN LEADERS"

All GEJ is doing is to gladly assist Northern Leaders in BURYING the NORTH. If Northerners can not see that then they need to visit speck-savers, thankfully they have a buy one get one free deal going on.

Northern leaders underdeveloped the North same way their contemporaries in other parts of Nigeria subjugated their own people and create an elite of super rich rogues in and out of power.

Imagine if the level of war against poor Nigerians living in Northern Nigeria were to be happening in the South, would Yoruba leaders had kept quiet without reigning inon both the Federal Government and whatever terrorists group that are hell bent on doing nothing but hinder the progress of the region by scaring away investors and making life unbearable for both indigenous and non indigenous PEOPLE?

Jonathan's strategy is to leave the North to SELF-DESTRUCT and he's surrounded by Northerners who care less about the North but care more about their pockets, the new pad in Dubai and the new small 'yanrinyans' they are adding to the many wives in the many mansions.

Is the North not controlled majorly by the PDP? Is Jonathan going to leave Abuja and come and take the place of the thieving Northern governors and public office holders?

Their is nothing like NORTHERN INTEREST in the crocodile tears of characters who have all abandoned traditional homes to be based in Abuja.

The few progressive Northerners who identified chronic corruption as the fuel for violent and social insecurity are rallied against and tagged 'extremist' by same self serving 'Northern Leaders' who sold their conscience to Jonathan's dollars during PDP primaries.
It is the same people who tagged a 2011 uprising against thieving Northern ruling elite and collaborating traditional rulers as an attack engineered against Jonathan.

Jonathan is not to be held responsible, he's got collaborators amongst you, deal with that first before you point fingers on our DEAR EBELE. Jonathan's political game is clear. KILL yourself so long you do not get to Otoueke! Smell the coffee 'Northern Leaders'

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