Monday, 24 December 2012

CANARY EDITORIAL: Mujahid Dokubo Asari as a‘BAD MARKET’ for Nigeria's Niger Delta

Left: Oronto Douglas (SA to President Jonathan on  Strategy) Right: REFORMED Niger Delta Militant Asari Dokubo

We have a STREET STATEMENT in Nigeria it is called "BAD MARKET" Mujahid Dokubo Asari is fast becoming an atrociously BAD MARKET for a civilized people like the Ijaws and the entire people of the Niger Delta.

With the amazing availability of bright and tactical people, it appears the Niger Delta may have settled for Allahji Dokubo as the official spokesperson and troubleshooter of the region, but he’s making a very bad job of it.

Dokubo appears determined to alienate more people from his kinsman the President and seems happy with the notorious attention he’s getting in the media.

Dokubo should know the President would need more than votes from the Niger Delta to be re elected in 2015 (If he decides to run).
Beyond election President Jonathan needs a stable atmosphere to implement his policies (That is if he’s got any).

If Dokubo as an insider and a self acclaimed insider of Jonathan’s inner caucus (until recently) is aware of corruption and gratuitous practices within the Jonathan government, he should bring specific details to the public.

Dokubo’s Niger Delta got more allocation from the Federal Government under Jonathan than any other government. Dokubo can help NAME AND SHAME contractors and Niger Delta sons and daughters who appear to have diverted it into private pockets.

If Dokubo does not rein Dokubo in he would be stunned at how BAD a MARKET he’s turning out to be.

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