Friday, 4 January 2013

Here is how GEJ'S 60 billion Naira phones will benefit 10 Million farmers writing by Awofaa Gogo Abite AL-Africa

N60b phones will benefit 10m farmers, here are a few tips from

"How do telephones enhance farming? Ok here are my suggestions.

1) There is an app in the apple store it's called iFARM,this app helps the farmer to know when and how to improve cultivation of crops.

2) the phone has a camera which will enable the farmer to upload pictu...res on Instagram and Facebook, so that he can easily tag his customers.

3) for those farmers that will receive blackberry phones, pinging will help them reduce the cost of making phone calls.

4) There is an app iFertilizer, it helps the crops to grow, just keep the phone closer to the farmland, it will do the trick.

5) Farmers need to tweet, e:g farming things on point!!!

6) There is an app, iTractor which helps the farmers to clear the farmland and harvest crops.

7) There is an app iDRIVE, this app helps the farmers to dodge all the pot holes and successfully transport their goods to the market.

8) There is an app iFirst aid, which helps recuse the farmers incase of accidents in the farm work.

9) There is an app iCANAL, this app helps to water the crops in the dry seasons.

10) There is an app i-info, this helps the farmers to be updated with new methods of improving farm output and other new technologies.

11) There is an app iPower, this provides 24/7 stand by electricity for those farmers who rear livestocks.

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