Wednesday, 23 January 2013

BEYOND BIAFRA: The Permanent Post Biafra Trauma Blackmail. Kayode Ogundamisi

Onye tinyere aka n'ike ya nyuo ahuru, onwe ya ka o mere (Igbo Proverb)

PPBT (Permanent Post Biafra Trauma) is throwing the Biafra blackmail & irrational tantrum when an opinion of Ndi Igbo is raised by NON-IGBOS. It does not serve the interest and cause of the Igbo people, it is not only self defeatist but meant to blur issues; no one is holding Ndi Igbo down in Nigeria.

No law stopping a Nigerian of Igbo extraction from contesting for the highest office in the land, it is left to that candidate to build alliances, sell his or her programmes to Nigerians and break barriers, Igbos are evidently thriving very well in South West Nigeria, conducting businesses un harassed and melting very well with the host community, Lagos State government was blessed with a Nigerian of Igbo extraction who rose to become State commissioner for Finance. Joe Igbokwe is also the spokesperson for ACN in Lagos state.

The more you try to raise that PPBT blackmail, the more you alienate people from open discussion about the state of the Igbo union. I certainly agree that Biafra needs to be discussed in an open and transparent manner and that the issues that brought the civil war are still in existence, but to simply shout civil war when genuine critique of a Nigerian in government of Igbo extraction is raised does not serve a good purpose. I have said my own, now resort to the usual, call me an ‘ANTI IGBO’