Friday, 18 January 2013

I join my fellow countrymen in praying for the Nigerian Army Contingent to Mali. Kayode Ogundamisi

I found the prayer bellow on line and feel it is applicable to the Men and Women who volunteered to serve and if possible pay the supreme sacrifice in the protection of our homeland and in answering any call to duty in the name of NIGERIA.

Like I said in my previous post. I support President Goodluck Jonathan in this particular mission. I am convinced he made the right call in sending Nigerian troops to Mali. We cannot afford to have a base in West Africa for terrorists, claiming to be "JIHADISTS"

In as much as I believe that the AU and ECOWAS should have handled the Mali situation better, including looking into the legitimate demands of the Tuaregs for self-determination, and a secondary role for France in the mission. I submit the priority is to stabilize Mali and finding a lasting solution to the crisis.

We may have criticisms in the way Jonathan is handling the terrorist threat at home against Boko Haram but he indeed made the right call on Mali and should be supported irrespective of our differences. Let us hope the new spring found by the Jonathan administration on Mali would be applicable in the fight against home grown Boko Haram terrorism in Nigeria

"Dear Lord Keep them (Nigerian Mission to Mali) safe from all hidden dangers and all deadly diseases. Shield and shelter them with your wings, and let your faithful promises be their armor and protection.

May they not be afraid of the terrors of the night, nor fear the dangers of the day or the disaster that strikes at mid-day. Though a thousand other people may fall at their side, though thousand are dying around them, protect our soldiers from harm.
As they make you, the Lord, their refuge and shelter, let no evil conquer them, no plague come near their tent or dwelling. Order your angels to protect them wherever they go."