Friday, 14 December 2012

Henry Okah likely to "WALK FREE ON 21ST JANUARY 2013" as trial is concluded. By Kayode Ogundamisi

Alleged MEND leader Henry Okah in South African Court

Set back for Nigerian government as South African judge carry out his threat  of concluding trial if Nigerian government fail to allow access to defense witnesses. Trial now close as South African Judge fix judgment for Monday 21st January 2013.

Nigerian government accused Okah of orchestrating the twin car bombings, which killed 12 people in Abuja on October 1, 2010. In his defense Okah claims Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan his behind he bombing, he further listed many of Jonathan's ministers and close aides as witnesses but the Nigerian government in a shocking move refused to allow the witnesses testify in court to put up a defense in reaction to Mr Okah's allegation.

Minister for the Niger Delta, Godsday Orubebe who was in South Africa as state prosecutor ended up appealing to the court to 'speak to Okah so he can take up the amnesty programme' Orubebe was reprimanded by the Judge who clearly stated that the South African Judiciary is not a weapon for blackmail.

Zanda Alex of the South African civil liberties league stated that he was shocked at the shambolic way the Nigerian government handled the trial, he called state witnesses “jokers’ who appear to just want to enjoy the luxury hotels of South Africa rather than testify,  Zanda highlighted that the testimony of Nigeria’s minister Orubebe was simply a ‘comedy’ Zanda said ‘Henry Okah is likely to walk free on January 21st