Monday, 1 October 2012

Nigerian President or Transparency International! Who is LYING?

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan informed his 160 Million people that Transparency International just gave the country a clean bill of health in the fight against corruption.

The President credited transparency international as saying “Nigeria is ONLY SECOND TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in the fight against corruption.”

I called TI UK office and the Germany office and no one is able to send me a link or confirm the assertion made by the Nigerian President to the Nigerian people.

It is too early to claim President Jonathan as selling pokies to the Nigerian people but it is important either TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL or President Jonathan come clean on the issue. Corruption is endemic in Nigeria and it is important whatever statement is coming from the highest office in Nigeria is backed by evidence and not fiction.

Rachel Davies of Transparency International UK called the claims “Strange” but promised to get back to see if she is able to get ANY TI statement backing the claims of the Nigerian President.

I called the German office of TI and was told the report is news to them as they are hearing about the news for the first time. Curiously the German office could not direct me to a link.

A search on Transparency International web portal did not produce any evidence backing the Nigerian Presidents claims.

Curiously TI still rank Nigeria as the 143rd most corrupt country in the world out of 183 countries United States of America is ranked 24 out of 183 countries.