Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Asari Dokubo Issues Warning to Ndi-Igbo over Biafra Abandoned Property

"It is better for our Igbo brothers to learn humility and stop this nonsense....many members of my family were killed for their support for Biafra.My grand uncle King Fredrick Princewill,Amachree X111,Amanyanabo of Kalabari abdicated the Kalabari throne because of his support for Biafra.

My grandmother Princess Okukuba W.D.Goodhead...immediate senior sister to His Majesty The King...was almost executed by firing squad by the invading Nigerian Military led by her Nephew Capt. Erasmus J.T.Princewill son of her elder brother King J.T.Princewill,Amachree X11....on her support for Biafra.

My grand Aunty who was nickname Madam Biafra....grand mother of a former Foreign Minister of Nigeria was taking through very painful torture before execution.
My maternal uncle one of the first lawyers in the Eastern Region never return home till his death because of his support for Biafra.
My father was a Biafran officer in the medical Corp.

My statement is recorded on tape....I never said we were taught....I said we were told many stories by our elders which we now discovered to be false.

On abandon property.....my Father or Mother did not benefit from properties left behind by Igbos....infact my family lost a lot of properties at Iguta.

All my great grand Mothers except one were Igbos.

The ancestral stool I occupy today...Edi Abali was founded by an Igboman from Abom in Abam in 1782.

I am an Igbo man because Allah gracious allowed Ijaw, Igbo and Bini blood to flow in mine veins......I am not begging to be Igbo.As I will not beg to be Gambari,Yoruba or Efik .

Please please stop this nonsense it will not help you....We the Ijaws have been fighting our wars without your assistance...but it will be better for all of us to work together for our common purpose." Asari Dokubo