Monday, 4 February 2008

We Can All Make A Change

Ma people having received volumes of e-mails. Ok I am required to make a clarification here, when you read my profile status it clearly states, “Networking” and that is what I am on face book for.
To encourage my people to do a good a day, fight against evil government in every way and praise the few in and out of government who do good.
I don’t attend Owambe party, so inviting me will be a waste of your I.V.
If you need suggestions or advice on how you can spend you money I am here for you.
One I can give you the name of hospitals in Nigeria and schools who need donations, Visit those institutions yourself give them what you can, books, computers, vehicle etc, donate to your local police station, those brave men in uniform need our help.
Help one Nigerian pay his/her school fees; hospital bills or empower one with employment and that will be a better way of spending 10% of your income rather than give it to some guy in 3 piece suit who calls himself Bishop, Imam or Reverend and end up using your money to buy private jets or create elitist schools that poor church members can not afford to pay for, we all don’t have to wait for the evil ones in government to make a positive impact.
For those who wrote me e-mails about being anti-Christ because I speak truth to rogues who pretend to be “men of God” I say good luck. I am a Christian but not a blind Christian and I owe my conscience to God and not to man.
May I also thank the pastor who wrote me and I am saying to him I am glad he took my suggestion, and to think that his church will be building a school for a local community in Bayelsa free of charge gladdens my heart.
If that alone is what I have achieved here, I can sleep well and I will contribute my little money to the payment of the salary of at a teacher for 3 months. I hope other follow in that direction and that we make our government accountable in the provision of quality education.
We can also make a change beyond the internet, join a political party in you area so we can stop this idiots imposing their children on the rest of us as Senators, Governors and local-government Chairmen, when good people stay away from politics evil one perpetuate “politricks”.
Join several human rights groups, Campaign for Democracy, CD, Committee for the Defence of Human Rights CDHR, Civil Liberties Organisation CLO, and United Action for Democracy, UAD and if we all come together we can overthrow evil governments trough popular democratic means.Kayode Ogundamisi