Thursday, 7 February 2008

Coup Plot In Nigeria? Never Again

When Officers and Men of the Nigerian Armed Forces Openly write the President and Commander in Chief,, It can not be a funny story, The President must re collect the 2nd Republic, a minor rumble in the army on the docility of the then President Shagari gave the army the courage to stage a palace coup. Yaradua must look into the problem in the Army.

Nigeria does not deserve another Millitary Coup! A word is enough for the wise.

Cover Story : Army Majors Write President Yar’Adua On ‘‘Thieving Generals’’

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Your Excellency,
16 January 2008
We, the above named patriotic officers of the Nigerian Army are very sad that you have chosen to celebrate the Armed Forces Remembrance Day with corrupt and thieving Generals despite the tension in the Army over the stealing of our salaries and allowances. Your security chiefs, excluding those of the Armed Forces can confirmed to you that all ranks in the army are aggrieved and are openly protesting to whoever cares to listen. Because of the development, the Patriotic Majors rose from a meeting in the ancient city of Ilorin on 11 January 2008 and decided to inform you that:a. The thieving Generals of the Nigerian Army have misappropriated funds allocated for recent salary increase.b. Unlike other institutions like the Navy, Air Force, Police and other para military outfits, allowances to the Army are being paid piecemeal. This is to say our thieving Generals are now sourcing for funds from where they hid the money.c. While other institutions have paid 11 months arrears as directed by the Federal Government, the thieving Generals have paid only 3 months arrears.d. The 3-month arrears paid by the Nigerian Army is 75 per cent less than what the Navy and Airforce paid their personnel for the same period.e. The Navy and Air Force have so far paid 5 months arrears, while our thieving Generals insist the Army is only entitled to 3 months arrears.f. Our thieving Generals claimed that furniture and transport allowances paid to officers and soldiers in 2007 were deducted from the paid arrears. However the Navy and Air Force personnel who enjoyed similar payments did not suffer any deduction.g. It is unthinkable that a Police Inspector could collect more money than a Major in the Nigerian Army because our thieving Generals are insensitive. The CDS and COAS are neck deep in this scandal.h. We are aware that you did not authorise the promotion of your brother who was not due for promotion in 2007. It was a ploy by our thieving Generals to impress you and enhance their stealing efforts. A copy of the letter signed by our Military Secretary which made your brother ineligible for promotion is enclosed for your attention. The majority of the qualified officers who were not promoted because of Major Yar’ Adua are still very bitter.i. During the last Nigerian Army Games, junior officers and soldiers were conveyed to the games venue from across the country in open trucks without tarpaulin or any cover from rain and the sun. Our thieving Generals did not consider hiring buses despite the millions of Naira voted for the games and other monies donated by state governments/corporate bodies. This is because the thieving Generals have since lost touch with reality and do not consider the welfare of subordinates as important. 2. Your Excellency, over two years after your predecessor approved a car loan scheme for officers, half the Nigerian Army officers are yet to benefit from the scheme. Some of us can hardly explain to our wives and children why our colleagues in the same offices and barracks are driving new cars. Most Majors are yet to get the 307 car because our thieving Generals opted to collect 307 for their wives and concubines instead of the 405 allocated to them. It is only in Nigerian Army that Generals could opt to eat first not minding if the food will get to their subordinates. We are tired of their stealing which they have now dubbed change management.3. We cannot continue like this, and the Patriotic Majors will act if the Federal Government fails to take necessary action between today and 15 February 2008. We ask for the immediate removal and subsequent trial of the CDS, COAS, Director of Finance, Principal Staff Officers at the AHQ and the GOCs. They all benefitted from the loot when it was shared. They equally have lost all moral justification to lead the Army.
We remain loyal to you and committed to democracy.
President of the SenateSpeaker of the House of Reps
NSAMinister of DefenceCDSService
ChiefsIG PoliceDG SSSOfficers/Soldiers of the Nigerian Army