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"NIGERIA IS ISLAMIC REPUBLIC" BY Niger Delta Republic Movement

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1. Nigeria, later becoming Islamic Nigeria, and Kenya were created by the colonial system in exactly the same way. In each of them, like the other colonies, disparate tribes were forcibly merged together, and given their respective names. This happened towards the end of the nineteenth century. Discussing the creation of colonies in Africa Margery Perham, a former Oxford don wrote that in colonising Africa, Great Britain had to take account of the structure of the communities or tribes. “ The tribal divisions, ( there in Africa ) are so great “ she wrote , “ That they cannot be overlooked. The new unity ( of tribes ) is something built above them ( that is the tribes ) from outside by foreigners. These drew lines on a map and called the area with a great collection of independent tribes which happened to be inside those lines , by a convenient name like Nigeria or Kenya. They ( the foreigners ) then set up a single twentieth century foreign government over all these tribes.” Br. Rule In Africa. ~ Oxford U. P. 1941. At Independence, we Africans lazily continue in this form.
2. The two countries and others like them were ruled for the average period of fifty five years only. In the name of all the tribes, Kenya fought for independence, and got it. But they suffered great loss of lives. Nigeria got independence “On a platter of gold ” and without a scratch on any one. Many in Nigeria think that, the different tribes in Nigeria are the most cowardly of Africans. More than 300 disparate tribes, each in its own separate location, plus fundamental warring religions; they could not have fought together, for independence. However in both Nigeria and Kenya all the obnoxious cultures of the different tribes, remained dormant all through the colonial system. They all spring up after independence. And in Nigeria, the worst cultures and religious practices sprang up as with vengeance. These include Sharia, and fatwa.
3.While Nigeria suffers from never ending bloody conflicts which have gulped the blood of more than two million people , particularly in the wholly Christian Niger Delta , Kenya , since independence, has lived a rather false life of inaction on the part of the disparate tribes. Their inaction, was wishfully interpreted by Europeans to mean peaceful existence among the disparate tribes forcibly merged together and given the name Kenya. And they tried to build Kenya up like a model for the rest of Africa. But the rot in Kenya continued to grow larger and larger until the election in January 2008. Now the never ending bloody conflicts which characterise monster Nigeria, Sudan and others have caught up on poor Kenya. It is fortunate for Kenya that, unlike monster Nigeria and Sudan, it has no Islamic fundamental warriors. Its problems must be quite easily solved. Probably not by the secret method being brokered by some of its own politicians. Mr Kofi Annan, the former United Nations Secretary General, may be trying to help the fighting tribes, but his ever sad looking face on the T.V. inspires very little confidence. He can’t broker a permanent peace.. The conflict is not a sudden reaction to an election. It is rooted in the origin of the country. Unless it is considered as such, a solution will not succeed. In other words, the problems must be attacked from the source if it must be settled once and for all. This means consideration must be given to the manner in which the tribes were forcibly merged together for colonial purposes. .
4. In a highly developed European nation like Czechoslovakia separation was found to be the only permanent solution. Even here, there were only two disparate communities . Kenya has more than eleven. It sounds nonsensical to suggest that every tribe should become a nation. But groups of agreeable tribes could become one nation; provided only, that each of them actually agrees on the terms on which they would become one nation as the Americans did in forming the United States of America. The leaders of Yugoslavia refused to follow that method. One can see how they fooled about with their lives as they ended with millions of deaths. Yet some of the tribes in Yugoslavia still remain unsettled. In solving the problems of Kenya comprising several disparate tribes each located in its own separate geographical position, the leaders must not import DEMOCRACY . In Africa democracy is anathema. It also has a deceitful appearance. It enables large tribes to justify their rule, control, and exploitation of the smaller tribes as in Nigeria. The Greeks who introduced democracy were the same people in every way. So too are Europeans . Every country in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, comprises peoples of the same way of life or like -minded peoples. They also enjoy one basic religion that influences their culture and their politics . So democracy works for them. In 1947, in India, Mohammed Jinah saw the problem quite easily. He initiated the carving out of Pakistan from ancient India which was not even created by the colonial system.
5. In Nigeria since independence in 1960, only the Hausas and their Islamic related tribes have ruled the country on their own authority, except for a brief period of six months from January 18th to July 27th of the same year 1966. It is they the Islamic Northerners alone, who reshaped the country arbitrarily up to this day. They and they alone arbitrarily changed the country from what was three federal regions to thirty six states, step by step, and one ruler after the other. They changed it from its federal character , but they cleverly retain the term federal. The corrupt and cowardly intellectuals of the South see it so, but they have no ability to resist it. The Northerners rake all the money around these Southern intellectuals , but they laugh like okobo, the Yoruba term for ineffectual entity. There is nothing like federation in the arrangement in Nigeria. The central authority and ruler controls all the revenue which is shared to each of the states created by the Islamic North. All these were done arbitrarily by the Islamic North. They are omnipotent.
6. Fortunately for them, it was to them that the colonial power transferred power.. This power was interrupted by the South from the 15th of January 1966 to the 27th of July the same year 1966. In 1967, one group in the South, the Ibos staged an attempted secession which failed. Since then the country has continued under the ascendancy of the powerful Islamic North. During this period they recreated the country arbitrarily from three states to twelve states and then to eighteen states, to twenty four states and finally to thirty six states. They also created local governments throughout the country. And they created more in their areas . Both the states and the local government share the revenue from oil according to population organised exclusively and arbitrarily by the Islamic North. Then again they manipulated census and population to favour them. There were unorganised protests by Southerners. But these did not succeed. Southerners were slaughtered to silence, as their big men hunt corrupt deals.
7. Then in 1995, the Islamic Leader Sani Abacha, to help Shell in its exploitation of the Niger Delta, killed the whole leadership of Ogoni led by Ken Saro Wiwa. For this the Commonwealth suspended Nigeria. Later Abacha died. The Islamic North felt that they had secured themselves with the arrangement for finances to them, they set to introduce what they call Democracy. They plucked out an old penny, a Southerner whom they had earlier used. He was Mullah O. Obasanjo. He came to power on the understanding with them that he would do nothing against their interest. He was sworn in as a civilian President in May 1999. By October, one by one the whole of the fourteen large Islamic states declared Sharia with the fanfare of killing Southerners and driving them away from their area of the country. Mullah Obasanjo did nothing at all. Instead in December as the world was preparing for the New Millennium, he sent his bombers and troops, and they killed thousands of people in Odi in the Niger Delta.
8. All the killings were carried out because of the Oil they must exploit. By the time Obasanjo finished with his governing of Nigeria in 2007, the Niger Delta had been thoroughly beaten to complete submission. Ironically, Bayelsa, the part of the Niger Delta which Obasanjo’s military killed more people, was the part to which the Judas, Jonathan Goodluck hailed from. But he dragged several otherwise good patriots of the Niger Delta to his blind alley. Albeit, they slow down the struggle of the people for separation which is the one and only solution to the never ending bloody conflicts in Africa. Jonathan Goodluck is worse than Judas, because Judas returned the evil money he earned by betraying Our Lord Jesus Christ. The Badluck Jonathan is enjoying jungle Abuja, which Abacha and others like him, use own blood money to build. But like Lucifer, the Badluckman, cannot be happy, having betrayed his own people so deadly. So let him enjoy jungle Abuja like Lucifer is enjoying Hell. These Satans cannot see the glorious sandy beeches, fresh water as well as salt water lakes, the boating facilities and other beauties of our Niger Delta that shames bush Abuja, the leprosy infested jungles that tries to become Beverly Hills with Southern finances.

9. The solution here for the people of the Niger Delta is only partly similar to that in Kenya. In Kenya there are no religious politics involved. In Nigeria the Islamic North just ignored us. They mounted their own cherished Islamic Religion. And they created Sharia and fatwa and others. Yet they expect us to make our own beautiful Christian religion with all its gorgeous hymns, glorious liturgy and several cultures irrelevant. May God Help Us to fight for our own CHRISTIAN FAITH and promote it to the greatest height. In Kenya the people seem much less cowardly than those in the Niger Delta. The cowardly leaders of the Niger Delta troop annually to London in order to make resolutions which they fear to make in Nigeria. There are several of those meaningless Resolutions or Declarations. They include Kiama Declaration, Okilo Declaration and Badluck Declaration. ~ All USELESS. In the summer of 2006, they came again for more Declarations. They addressed us immigrants in London under the theme “What Are We Afraid of ? “ The meeting was totally meaningless. It only portrayed cowardice and Jonathan - like behaviour. Still they have not yet answered their own question ~ “ What Are We Afraid Of ? “
10. It is likely that Kenya will be settled much sooner than any of the regions of Islamic Nigeria. The power of corruption and the dream for easy money are not as strong in Kenya as in Nigeria. The Islamic North has nothing whatsoever to give to us in the South. We have every thing they need. Yet they lord it over us. And so my late friend Ogunde, sang the inspiring melody “ Yoruba Ronu.” In 1995 when the Ogoni patriots were killed by General Sani Abacha in order to give free hand to Shell, to exploit the resources of the Niger Delta, the London popular Daily Newspaper INDEPENDENCE, wrote in sympathy with the people of the Niger Delta, the following “ In the 19th century explorers and colonisers won over the natives of the Niger Delta with gifts of colourful beads and fine clothes. Today (December 1995 ), the goodwill of the indigenous communities of the Niger Delta, comes a little more expensive ~ but not much more , when you consider that Shell is earning more than half a million dollars a day from the region “ Today 2008, Shell is earning more than a billion dollars per week in the region. Very often, some of us meet nice people who express sympathy to us , as they say ~ “ It’s a pity your people are so foolish “ Yes. Our people are wretched and poverty stricken, and their wonderful cultures disappearing under their extreme misery , while political fools and traitors, like Jonathan Goodluck, serve the interest of the Islamic Northern Nigeria ; all because he is very foolish.
Aliyi Ekineh.