Monday, 18 February 2013

One Good Term Deserves Another! RUN! EBELE RUN! Kayode Ogundamisi

President Goodluck Jonathan is entitled to run for 2nd term in 2015. Not only is he constitutionally eligible, but in my opinion I hope and pray that he runs, characters within the ruling party of “nest of killers” otherwise known as People Democratic Party are discussing some PACT WITH THE DEVIL deal Jonathan made with PDP governors to run OLNY FOR ONE TERM. That pact is an insult... on Nigerians and is not binding on the Nigerian people.

Whatever PACT made by characters within the PDP is not binding on Nigerians. What those who want to unseat Ebele should be doing would be to articulate views to Nigerians on how they hope to stop the free-fall into CLUELESSNES that is reigning supreme in the Nigerian Presidency.

Jonathan’s opponents should seek a mandate from Nigerians. Campaign based on issues and what they can do better than the Pharaoh of Aso Rock, any attempt to stop Ebele from contesting in 2015 would be admitting that his opponents can’t defeat him in OPEN PLAY.

Nigerians should be giving an opportunity to vote another 4 YEARS OF “FRESH AIR” or seek an alternative. Ebele must not only run in 2015 but run so people like us would be able to know if Nigerians are indeed enjoying Ebele’s FRESH AIR. Let the voters decide.