Sunday, 12 August 2012

I cant ever thank you well enough. By Kayode Ogundamisi

12th August 2012

Land! Sea and the Sky!

I still do not know if your words formed them

But what I know is that I wont be a part of the Universe

Without your consent!

Do I doubt your existence sometimes? Yes I do

When I see the injustice! Pain and savagery of humanity

I say to myself. How can anyone have power over the

universe and permit such evil.

But even when I doubt you, a inner voice whisper into my ears, soft and calming, saying ‘without me you wont be’

I then realize I owe my being to no other one but you.

Even with my imperfections, you just keep forgiving and

keep giving me a second chance.

As I take a look at forty-four years of Struggles! Defeats!

Triumphs! Laughter! Sadness!

I take your gift of LIFE and Say I CAN NOT THANK YOU WELL