Monday, 25 June 2012

Goodluck Jonathan a Performance Evaluation of a Joke of a #PresidentialMediachat by Tokdam Dam

I decided to mark the Presidential media chart against some standard criteria for interviews for Jobs and performance evaluation for some organisation. i am however too ashamed to publish the result of the the performance of our dear President. you can do it yourself. here are some of the key criteria: and a few fearful/worrisome responses:

1.In identifying key areas of the economy in which specific progress has been made.

" we are handing the economy in a professional way" , "“I am not in charge of Security, I am not in Charge of Economy, there are people responsible for that”

2.relating answers to questions in key areas;

at 19:55 on Electricity: ”When we were campaiging, we didn’t know that BH will overtake the priorities of government,” in other words , i don tire seff this kind thing seff.
at 20:07 on Agriculture: The president said his government are revolutionizing agriculture in Nigeria.”We are giving cotton seeds free in the North” what about the south, east, and west ? far as possible record candidates’ responses to questions , did he give direct relevant answers or dance around the questions ? 

20:20 The president says they are managing the economy professionally, “It is not Jonathan that is managing it,” he said, so who did we elect to manage the economy ? 

20:52 Crude Oil Tefth: ”The stealing of crude oil is a Nigerian phenomenon,” the president said. He adds that it has gone cancerous. “We will stop it, but it is like allowing a cancerous cell to grow into a major tumor.” i don't get it, am i daft ?????
20:27 Relationship with National Assembly: ”I have a good relationship with the National assembly,” “Whenever I travel, I go with atleast two members of the National Assembly,” the president reveals. lol, sorry i didn't mean to laugh.

4.objective and consistency :
ON ASSET DECLARATION: “Asset Declaration is voluntary, I don’t give a damn what any one feel about it", how do you fight corruption when you cant tell what people have stolen, one of the rules of public service is that you declare your asset.
On visit to troubled part of the country President Jonathan said he has not visited Borno state, the center of Boko Haram attacks, because the airport there was not functional at the time he planned to visit. “And we did not want to land somewhere and fly in to Maiduguri with a helicopter for obvious reasons.” He promises to visit the state and other states in Nigeria. watin do road, so the roads are so bad you cannot drive to see the people who voted into government. you must fly eh!. 1
9:19 The Brazil Trip: The president said if he hadn’t travelled to Brazil while Kaduna was boiling, it would have sent out a very wrong message to the world, and bolster the sect. so the citizens in shamble and disarray means nothing to the president, he was elected to attend to the international community. if a father runs out of the house when it is on fire with the kids in the house just to attend village meeting so that villagers wont think there is a problem in the house, that is really smart move...
"Hearing noise in the parliament does not mean that Mr. President and the National Assembly are fighting" this is ops! off point.
“I am not in charge of Security, I am not in Charge of Economy, there are people responsible for that”
" I told my friends that Nigerians will abuse me till the end of 2012 because they will not see any meaningful development, but they will change and praise me by 2013 because they will begin to see result" sounding very defeated and i don't really care-ish, but this all you can tell us of your administration sir.

"Nigeria is not broke; if we are broke, you wouldn't see investors clamoring to come to Nigeria" investors moving to Ghana is more like it, its good to dream dreams, how many investors are clamouring to come to Nigeria? naming them would have made more sense.
"Most of the top universities in the world are named after people...Harvard and others. The change was made in line with Nigerian laws especially the ones relating to naming and change of name of an institution" yes and OXFORD, YALE, MIT:Massachusetts Institute of Technology ,Yale University,Imperial College London, University of Cambridge, University of Nottingham, named after Mr Oxford, Mr Massachusetts, Mr Cambridge, Mr Nottingham, Mr Imperial, and Mr Yale University.

5. level of participation of audience : out of 160 million Nigerians, the few calls that came through the telephone operator, Governor of Benue state Mr. Suswan; as we heard, many only got to introduce themselves before they were cut off. so less than 0.0001% heard a chance to ask real questions. that is really sad and unfair because if the president continue to hide behind the advice of the wicked people around him he will end up as the worst impression of a president.

Remarks: the candidate(President) performed very poorly and appear fearful, we need to pray for him to find the courage to do the right thing by resigning. it appears somebody (maybe in Brazil) told the President to fire those handling security and talk to Nigerians, he did well to fire the persons he needed to, but as per talking to Nigerians; sincerely we are more fearful for our country after the media chart, the president kept referring to an imaginary person who is suppose to be responsible for the management of the economy, he didn't do anything to assure the citizens of the need to be hopeful, he did very well to increase our fears and worry. he appeared frightful and tired of it all.
conclusion : will you employ candidate to manage the economy of Nigeria ? NEVER, but sadly he is in meant to be the president. but he is not in control what he said, there are people in charge of the economy and security, its not Jonathan, init ?
OK, so moving forward, the next media chart should be more truthful and candidate should prepare to answer questions, enough of the drama.


  1. If you are going to criticise GEJ, the least you can do is to write in proper english. Isn't it said that you should get the log out of your eye before getting the speck out of another person's eye? Hey, just in case you are wondering, I think GEJ is a shameful excuse for a President.

  2. There were a few typos which the writer should have cross checked. Anyway, it has been debated severally, that chat was the worst I've seen given by anyone either alive or dead. Please who is charge of Nigeria?

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