Friday, 18 May 2012

Rejoice! I am a Nigerian Astronaut! I Can See Aso Rock From Space! Kayode Ogundamisi

At first I did not see any sense in Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan’s ambitious plan to send a Nigerian to space before the year 2015. Now it makes sense. We need a Nigerian in orbit so our Astronaut can compare Nigeria with other West African countries.

When you spot a dark country @ night surrounded by glittering star looking electric reflections from Niger/Benin/Chad & Cameroon then U know the DARK spot is Nigeria. As a consolation our Nigerian astronaut may see oil flares from Jonathan’s Niger Delta as oil companies appear to double activities in polluting the environment with a compromised president grinning away in the comforts of Aso Rock

Minister of Finance and failed World Bank Presidency contender also locally known as ‘Angel of Pain’ Ngozi Okonjo Iweala announced to Nigerian ‘Legislootors’ that GEJ will be borrowing another set Of Billions from international financial institutions, yet we have more than enough to send a man to space as bragging rights. No one is telling us the economic benefits, other than yes Nigeria paid millions of dollars either a the Chinese or the Russians for our man to be transported in one of the ‘kabu kabu’ space ships. The Russians and the Chinese need Nigerian funds. Nigerian ruling elites need another elephant project, money spent on space mission would be classified under security and the distractions is a good reward for a Nigerian government struggling to fulfil its financial commitments including paying salaries and capital projects. Nigeria! What a country!