Thursday, 31 May 2012

'Olaitan Oyerinde Killed Directly By Armed Robbers & Indirectly By Edo State Government' Abdul Mahmud

Having listened to two witnesses to the killing of Olaitan Oyerinde, I am convinced that my former comrade and friend was killed by armed robbers and by the system he worked for in Edo state. 

According to the widow of Olaitan, the armed men who killed her husband "kept asking for his gun and money". When they asked what she had, "they found only sixty naira in my handbag, which they took with our ipads and mobile phones". And as Rev David pointed out, "don't be deceived Olaitan was killed by the system he worked for". In his words, he said, "when i brought him to the central hospital in Benin, there was no doctor on call and when I ran to fetch one nearby, he told me to get out. 

Recall that two weeks previously I complained on TV of women dying in that hospital because there is no functional theatre, and they complained in govt house that I was attacking the governor. Two weeks later, I brought my friend and employee of the governor who died in my arms without any medical assistance. 

Don't be deceived, Olaitan was killed by the system he worked for". Clearly, as a lawyer, I make one deduction that the tragic incident of 4th May was a robbery gone wrong. 

But, why it was masked as assasination beats me. Did Olaitan's death serve as propaganda for political campaign? Yes.Then, the claim of Edo being Eldorado under Oshiomhole is hot air. Querry: are there functional hospitals in Edo? 

Would Olaitan have lived with doctors having tools to work attending to him promptly? However, our commitment is to cater for his wife and children whilst we find answers to these questions.

Note originally published by former NANS President Abdul Mahmud on Facebook.