Friday, 16 September 2011

Shocking Video: Governor Adams Oshiomhole's Gross Abuse Of Power by Sahara TV

On Monday Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo state ran to the scene of a demolition exercise in Benin city. The governor visited the site to see how some controversial demolition was executed by the state Task Force on Demolition of Illegal Properties.
Apparently angered by some demolitions that he claimed was mischievously done by the team Mr. Oshiomhole publicly scolded Major Lawrence Loye (rtd), the task force chair. As it turned out, Major Loye and his team had demolished buildings belonging to the former governor of the state, Samuel Ogbemudia and a former senator, Roland Owei. Both men are strong political "heavyweights" with close links to the governor.

As shown in this video, Governor Oshiomhole not only scolded the task force chair but the military in him took over as he ordered the arbitrary arrest of Major Loye for carrying out his duties in the state.