Monday, 19 September 2011

ABIA GANG RAPE! "Mischief-makers are on the prowl" Abia State Government

Government of Abia State Nigeria

The story is a malicious figment of imagination of whoever originated that story. I said this because it was properly investigated and found not in any way associated with Abia State University Uturu. The Video also being paraded doesn’t any way emanate from any background on ABSU, it is totally not in anywhere around ABSU premises. Even though, the Government and the security agents will further strengthen investigation on this matter.

Therefore, the simple conclusion is that mischief-makers are on the prowl. As long as ABSU is concern that awful event never took place within the campus premises.
The Abia State Government is committed to keeping its entire academic learning centres safe from evildoers. Parents and guardians are assured!

Sir Don Ubani

Honourable Commissioner for Information and Strategy

Curious press release from the Abia State Government in reaction to the ABSU GANG. *Note the state government’s silence on the status of the 5 men as students of Abia State University.