Thursday, 17 July 2008

Nigerian activist's distrupt Yaradua's visit. President takes refuge in building under construction.


A group of activists have forced Nigerian President, Umoru yar Adua to relocate from a venue initially scheduled for talks between him and British officials in London yesterday.
The Liberty Forum, a coalition of over 30 self-determination and rights groups took over The Chatam House venue, forcing the Nigerian President to relocate the event from The Royal Institute of International Affairs Chatham House 10, St Jamese's Square to a run down Building at 8 Jhon Adams Street London WC2. pic to follow soon.
"We are here to prevent President Yar Adua from deceiving the British people on the real situation in the Niger-Delta. We are here to ensure that Brittain does not send her cutuzens to fight the people of the Niger-Delta. We are here to tell the whole world that Nigeria is a country led by uncaring political leaders at the centre, which does not care about the respect for human rights and the basic tenets of democracy' Kayode Ogundamisi lwho led hundredsd of protesters told the british media many of who had come to cover the event.
The British police watched as the activitist trailed the Nigerian leaders forcing them to relocate and compelling the President to observe for several minutes the showdown with his entourage
he said that Nigeria has become a laughing stock in the comity of nations largely because of the fraudulent elections that brough many politicians to power, the high degree of corruption in the country and the lack of public confidence in the post election tribunals most of which he said are 'in the pocket of politicians"

The protesting Nigerians Representing various gruops Including the Nigerian Liberty Forum , Women In Africa , Journalists for Democratic Rights, Odua republic Front, ORF, Irapada Omo Odua, and sympthatehic envriomental rights gruops gatherd at the Chtham house from 4pm. when it was 4.30 pm it was then obvious the orgernisers had a siniseter move.
Contact was then made with insiders in the British press who then revealed that the president had been moved to 8 Jhon Adams Street wc2. The Liberty Forum quickly mobilized to picket the new location , Yaradua was picketed and orgernisers rounded up the remaining segment of the event.

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