Thursday, 10 July 2008

In the Name Of God PLC? Our "men of God" By Kayode Ogundamisi

In the Name Of God PLC? Our "men of God" By Kayode Ogundamisi

Today at 8:42am

The Last time I stepped into a church was almost certainly year 2000. I have been so disenchanted with all the “miracles” “testimonies” “fire prayers” and the entire “break down my enemy” vigour dance in churches that I decided to just communicate with Baba God Directly.

Why go to a church were all I take notice of is the pastor sermonize how the church is making money and the pocket of the followers going leaner on daily basis.But all that is about to change o!

I was on foot down Lordship lane and I saw a sign “The Salvation Army Simply Jesus”. Trust my inquisitive self. This sign was different from the ones I usually notice in the so-called New Generation Churches, signs that emphasis solution to needs rather than salvation. “Signs and Wonders”. In some cases disturbing “magical” displays.Some will just tell you to suffer here on earth as our kingdom is in heaven; “we are not of this world they say”.

But they wont remind us of how Oga Jesus was the most humble of all he dined and wine with us the commoners.If Only new generation “men of God” can just live life like Jesus. Swap the pecks for service. May be just May be. Of those 3 Million that flock Lagos-Ibadan express road for the all night “waiting on the lord” one million will do one good and Nigeria will be so changed in a positive way.

I still don’t comprehend how the missionaries did it but those ones built schools, free of charge, they built hospitals free for the people and till date several decades later those schools and hospitals still rank amongst the best in the land. The Islamic missionaries were not left out, I attended Ahmadiya College later Known as Anwar Ul Islam College, and thanks to those “men of God” we had education free and good.

But check out modern “men of God” Covenant University, not for the poor, Redeem University not for the poor, pray we need a change of thinking, our men of God are doing a great Job preaching the Word but they also need to march words with action. It should not be Church of God PLC. It should be a place of Salvation Anyway I decided to test out the Salvation Army, walked in and what a distinction, were the pastor dey?

A Ghanaian lady I sat with replied we are all pastors we are here to study Gods words and pray. Unmm interesting. Ok 40 Minutes later the service is over, and I was like no announcement for special donation and all those suffer here and enjoy in heaven call for donation I am used to in some Nigerian churches. Well my new found friend replied again, you can donate whatever you have to the following charities and homeless centres and we prefer you spare a day in a month to help the kids on the street.

I am like O my God. I would have to write Pastor Adeboye and Bishop Oyedepo. I wrote 2 e-mails last night. I just got an automated reply from one of the Nigerian Churches. And guess what, I think I am back in the Vineyard. That is if I am not on a Sunday shift at work, you know Salvation Army will not pay Mama Charley’s Tax and my Bills.

Kayode Ogundamisi