Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Fraud Alert: ‪#‎IstandwithBuhari‬ is registerd as a bussiness name. Soliciting over a Billion Naira from public officials - FraudHorn

Fraud Alert: ‪#‎IstandwithBuhari‬ is registerd as a bussiness name. Soliciting over a Billion Naira from public officials - FraudHorn

We have strong evidences of FRAUD against some elements parading themselves as members of IstandwithBuhari.
1. ISWB Concept
This is a registered business name (not an NGO) founded by Chinedu Okpalanma, the erstwhile DG of ISWB. Documents show that himself and some other elements are its founders. The attached letterhead clearly shows the business name ISWB Concept in two places.
2. Soliciting for Money
Contrary to many assertions by the ISWB elements that they are not looking to make or share money, that they are purely funded by members of the ISWB organization, we have evidence on the contrary by way of the attached letter. (Page 2)
As seen in Page 2, ISWB members have sent out many letters to Nigerians soliciting for ridiculous amounts of money. We obtained the attached letter from a VIP who was criminally approached for a sum in excess of N1 Billion Naira. We were approached by this same VIP in confidence. This VIP has already informed us that he intends to petition the relevant security agencies to look into the matter as he believes this is clearly fraudulent. We also have proof of several other politicians and heads of industry that have been approached by this dubious criminals. We will publish more letters/documents in due course.
We reckon it is criminal case and misleading to use a registered business name, as an NGO (i.e not for profit entity) soliciting for monies from Nigerians running into several billions. We have already sent a petition to the relevant authorities to look into the matter.
3. Chinedu Okpalanma
We have evidence showing Chinedu is the main founder, he remains within the organization as its arrow head working from the background never showing himself to the public while using other puppets to call the shots. He never resigned, He only changed his public role from DG to the Board Secretary of ISWB and still runs the show.
4. Ogochukwu Ezeaku
He is the founder & CEO of montage Africa. He is notoriously known for coveting top Government officials in return for favors. Montage Africa is known to host the annual MAWEA (montage Africa women in excellence award).
In 2013 he hosted an award where he celebrated several PDP Bigwigs including many persons that have stolen from Nigeria (and they claim they are fighting corruption). Amongst the list of his award recipients, Patience GEJ tops the list, with the likes of Diezani & Stella Oduah amongst those he celebrated. He is the Board Chairman of ISWB and now wants us to believe he is leading a campaign against corruption. We are yet to see ISWB attack Diezani or Stella Oduah in its anti corruption campaign. We attach relevant information which is widely available in the Internet.
In November 2015, he unsuccessfully organized another MAWEA event where he lobbied APC women faithful which turned out to be a disaster due to amount of those that shunned the event. This is why he is hell bent on coming at this government with deceit at any cost.
Ogochukwu operates completely out of the media reach just like his accomplice Chinedu. We know why they are hiding!
NB - 15 lungi Street Wuse 2 Abuja is the corporate HQ of both montage Africa and ISWB. Refer to the bottom corner of the letterhead.
NB - the GSM number 08087777318 is the official number of ISWB on its letterhead, fliers and billboard. It was the number our investigators reached Chinedu.
5. Nine million man rally
We call on the security agencies to invite the ISWB members to firstly deny them clearance for this deceitful rally. It is neither beneficial to the president nor does it justify the yearnings of many poor who do not even stand a chance of affording the trip to Abuja. If any group is allowed to assemble even 100,000 people on a working day (which 31st March is), that group is capable of undermining security and only Gods knows the type of agenda these people have. We have already sent a petition to relevant security agencies for further action.
We call on the CnC to immediately deploy the necessary government officials to dissociate his government from this group, to arrest the people responsible for this campaign of calumny, and have this group dissolved immediately.
We call on the elements of ISWB to call off their shameless plot of FRAUD within the next 24 hours. Failure to heed advice, will result in an all out assault as we plan to release full identities of members and their financial backers, pictures taken, proof of meetings, voice recordings, copies of letters and other documentation of this monumental FRAUD.
...more to come.
Committed to reporting verified FRAUD Activity in Nigeria.

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