Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Wish I could do more for Nigeria a random rant by Kayode Ogundamisi

I've heard reasons to give up my liberty, my comforts, my personal childhood dreams for Nigeria, but I still think I have not done enough, for every time I blame those in power for what is wrong with Nigeria. Deep inside I still believe a different cause of action on my part would have made a greater impact. Permit me to assume that is how every other Nigerian with the desire for social justice and equality should feel.

No matter our political, ideological, religious divide, if only we as individuals acknowledge that we have not done enough, not just for our beloved country, but for our community, if only we can take a step further, strive to do something positively different, try another route, another model, a new coalition, a compromise based on justice for ALL, if only people do not see the need to do good as just a charity and fulfilment of the holy grail, but a duty they we owe humanity, a privilege to serve in ANY and every capacity, if only we recognise, that street sweeper, that petty trader, that truck driver, that bus conductor as a great contributor to what makes a great society, if we could just commit class suicide at every opportunity and not just hurry and run over the under-privileded, with the look of contempt and disgust, like they are not deserving of our majestic upper, middle class status, just if only,  just maybe we can bridge the gap, just maybe we can build rather than burn bridges, just maybe a BokoHarram victim irrespective of his/her tribe, race, gender or religion would be seen first as a human victim and a Nigerian deserving of our honour, protection and sympathy, than "our tribal brother" or "our tribal sister".

If only we could just be UNITED against a common threat to our very existence. Be it as Muslims, Christians, Animist Atheist, if only we could just ask that question WHAT WILL GOD want us to DO? If only we could do more than enough by getting over our bigotry, our disdain for those who look different, speak a different language or share a different heritage. just that could be MORE THAN ENOUGH.