Sunday, 1 April 2012

Save Me From My Irish-Nigerian Husband Of Six Months YINKA DIXON-OLUDAIYE

■ Since 2003 I have been living in fear in Ireland. I have been hounded by the Irish/Nigerian man I married. It became obvious that he has an extreme split personality disorder, I decided for safety of myself and my son, that it was best I leave the marriage and stay alone. He was enraged, and has apparently, refused to let go since 2003.

■ He has threatened to SLICE MY THROAT; I have been hiding, keeping quiet, off limits.

■ He has created email accounts in my name & date of birth, and profiles of me all over FACEBOOK, and in other networks! 

■ He has attacked my femininity, my Christianity, my life, my name, my integrity, calls me prostitute, he has attacked my career,

■ NOW, he is attacking my business. I have tried lots of businesses. As soon as I start, I start getting nasty inbox messages and insinuations which make me stop. 

■ He knows every single address I move to. So bad so that I can't use my real address in public forms, like drivers license, which itself could be criminal here in Ireland. 


■ YINKA spoke with the POLICE for almost 2hours today (3/30/12), and would be contacted by another team of investigators! 

■ Meanwhile, friends/family of YINKA could log in to the Garda (Irish National Police Service) and make a formal complaint on her behalf:

■ The last report on Prevalence of Domestic Violence in Ireland by THE WOMEN'S AID indicate that in 2010, there were 13,575 reported incidents of domestic, reflecting 8,351 incidents of emotional abuse, 3,031 incidents of physical abuse, and 1,605 incidents of financial abuse. In the same year, 588 incidents of sexual abuse were disclosed to Helpline support workers including 213 rapes. 
Please log in a complaint on or call the toll free: 1800 341 900.
 — Culled From A Facebook Campaign By Irish Action Against Domestic Violence



  2. Hissss! What an ignorant comment!!! It is obviously an abuser that will make such a comment!

  3. From what she said, it seems he is a stalker and her life in danger.

    I once saw her on TV and she made a comment that made me pity her. I don't know whether she was referring to the same man... She claimed that her husband told her to abort and she was very stupid to do it since she was childless at the time she appeared on TV in the UK. She told other women to be careful of such men.

    She is an IT consultant and poet. She also contested for a political post in Ireland but lost... So this is the hell she id going through. A lot of women that have recovered from abusive affairs are scared to marry or remarry. It is a scar that fails to heal on a victim's mind.

    The police should interrogate him. She can also get legal advice from lawyers ASAP. This is a battle that she needs to straighten out once and for all so that it would not consume her.

  4. Its so sad that there seem to be a global increase of abuse cases. She needs to try as much as she can for personal safety. While she follows up with the police

  5. What did she do??????Was that the question...
    April Fool!!!! Wonderful comment..

    People who have nothing better or constructive to add to other peoples life should really stay away from gadgets.i.e the computer and stop logging into blogs

    Eni to kan,lo mo....I pray you and yours dont expereince such...