Sunday, 15 January 2012

'IJAWLISATION' of Goodluck Jonathan's Presidency is Counter Productive-Kayode Ogundamisi

We Fought Side by Side with the SAME HAWKS now misguiding GEJ. We are not Niger Deltans but we identified with them, because we saw their struggle as a JUST struggle. Back then when people tagged us as ANTI-NORTH we did not waver. We continued in the struggle.

Today they are in charge of Nigeria, rather than do what is RIGHT and JUST, not just for Nigerians but for the proletariats in the Niger-Delta, they do the same things the oppressors of yesteryears did.

They have become the new oppressors. To them it is about BREAD AND BUTTER. Even when GEJ’S policy is against the interest of the commoners in ND it is ok, so long they get a share of the LOOT! To them we are the new enemies, they don’t see us as comrades - they now see us as YORUBA IGBO HAUSA and NON-IJAW.

Our consolation is that we have people of conscience in the Niger Delta who see through the deception, who know that just as we had some Yoruba who protected Obasanjo’s injustice against the poor, we will have opportunists protecting GEJ’S injustice against the Poor. Our consolation is that the people always triumph