Friday, 23 December 2011

The Day the Beast in Lamido Sanusi Came Out! Written by Kayode Ogundamisi

Sanusi Lamido is one Nigerian you can always cite as intelligent and articulate. He has also always presented himself as someone who really cares about the plight of the common man. However, watching him on national TV during the NPAN oil subsidy removal debate was dreadful.

I am not disappointed that he supports oil subsidy removal. He’s the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria. To keep that job, he would have to, doing otherwise would mean heresigns or he's fired from the position of Governor of the CBN.

What I found disappointing was that Mr. Sanusi’s arguments were so devoid of COMPASSION and laced with so much arrogance. Even the angel of death, the main messenger of Oil Subsidy Removal, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala pretended to show some compassion, but Sanusi sounded so cruel and unbelievably detached from the people. Particularlty as he shoved figures after figures down our throat, asked about the corruption in government and how , we the people fund them and they still loot us to death, Mr. Sanusi lost his voice and suddenly became lost in his own figures. As CBN governor did he not know that they had just presented a budget to Nigerians that would make 1 Billion Naira available just to feed Mr Jonathan, his VP and their families?

A budget that will make almost 200 Millon Naira available for Sambo’s medical needs in one year. Did Sanusi develop temporary memory loss of figures, when they presented Nigerians with a budget allocating almost 73% of the total budget on paying off a minority few in government? No Sanusi’s figures were applicable to the common man; it was all about removing the oil subsidy and nothing else.

I have to admit that as the governor of central bank, he deals with figures, but Poor Nigerians are not just figures and statistics, figures are mainly dictated from the comfort of cosy World Bank and IMF offices and they usually don't reflect the situation on the ground.

Mr Sanusi as a self acclaimed MARXIST (Whatever Marxisim is in today’s Nigeria) should know that Nigerians are real human beings with needs. Mr Sanusi himself admitted he's never bought fuel since he was appointed into public office. We already knew that. We the people of Nigeria subsidise the Sanusis of the country. We pay their children’s school fees, we feed them to stupor, we give them so much money that they even have spare change to frolic around the world receiving first class medical treatments and services. They don’t have kids in local Nigerian schools and even if they do, those kids attend first class elitist Nigerian-based international schools. We the people pay for bullet proof cars, we pay for their laundry, we even pay 1 Billion naira food bill for Mr Sanusi’s boss Goodluck Jonathan and his VP, so they have absolutely no clue of how oil subsidy removal will affect us. Next time he wants to shove figures on Nigerians can Mr Lamido Sanusi please treat us with some respect?

One lesson Nigerians are learning from the GEJ regime is that we have more RULERS in Nigeria than LEADERS and that no matter how you may try; a pig remains a pig even with a beautician lacing the lips of a pig with lipsticking the lips of a pig with lipstick