Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Terrorism in Defence of the State of Israel Written by Kayode Ogundamisi

Terrorism in Defence of the State of Israel Written by Kayode Ogundamisi

Dubai’s prestigious Al-Bustana Rotan is said to be a “5 star luxurious heaven with the blend of traditional Arabian hospitality synonymous with leadings hotels of the world”, what the hoteliers did not and could never have envisaged was that the hotel would be a place of interest for one important enemy of the State of Israel and hero
of the Palestinian resistance Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal.
Khaled Mashaal was killed in this 5 star Al-Bustana Rotan hotel late in the month of January 2010 by people described as operatives of the Israeli intelligence agency MOSSAD. Over 16 operatives where said to have been involved in the pre meditated and sublimely orchestrated killing of the Hamas leader; they made use of forged passports of European Commission countries with British, Irish, French and German passports topping the list of fake travel documents. The operation was done with ease, they made their way into Dubai tailed the victim and shadowed him into room 320 where they cut him short; the killing was done in such a way that Mashaal’s death would have been adduced to natural cause.

The Israelis underestimated the investigative skill of the Dubai Police and intelligence agency; as soon as they made their way out of the UAE and with job well done, the UAE authorities deconstructed their movement in less then 48 hours! The United Kingdom is protesting to high heavens over the illegal use of its passport which is generally seen as the symbol of British sovereignty. Israel till date is refusing to acknowledge or deny its involvement in the Dubai Death squad affair as it retains is long standing policy of “ambiguity” in MOSSAD operations. But the mood in Tel Aviv is more of self contentment and victory. No national shame in what is obviously an act of State terrorism.

The operation is characterized with all the elements of State criminality; must Israel degenerate to the method used by terrorists to fight back? State involvement in identity theft and the use of forged passports of nations friendly to the State of Israel to invade a sovereign state in carrying out an international act of terrorism and putting the life of Citizens of those Countries at risk is still a shock to many who are sympathetic to the Israel cause. This does expose the long held view that Israel is only concerned about the survival of Israel and not of any of its friends or allies. Of course and as usual the Brown government is caught in the middle of an emerging diplomatic row between the Arab World and Israel with the UK commencing investigation and the Irish government sending a protest note to Tel Aviv.

The United States of America is obviously keeping mute on the whole affair. It would have been interesting to see how the White House would have reacted if the operation had been carried out by members of the Iranian Intelligence agency on the soil of a friendly western nation against a known western terrorists. The white house would surely have had a daily briefing and called for a full scale investigation, insisting that the suspects must be “brought to justice”. But in the case at hand it is another studied silence from the White House. Selective condemnation of terrorism by the USA and the west are the very stimulants for extremism in the Arab world. It is right that terrorist of all trend must be brought to justice. The perpetuators of the Dubai murder must be made to face the full weight of the law. The defense of Israel and the survival of her citizen should not be an excuse for identity theft, gangster murder and violation of international law. Terrorism by Palestinian activist and attacks by Hammas on innocent civilians can never be justified, same for the terrorist actions of MOSSAD and other Israeli sanctioned terrorist operations.