Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Reasons Why Senator Barrack Obama Could Not Have Won Any Election In Nigeria

Reasons Why Senator Barrack Obama Could Not Have Won Any Election In Nigeria.
From Kayode Ogundamisi.
1. Obama would probably be from the wrong tribe so he has got to wait 2000 years before it will get to the turn of his tribe. In Nigeria looting of the treasury is shared amongst the geo-political zone.
2. Obama’s father would have been unknown in Nigeria so the Obasonjos and Babangidas and those powers that hold Nigeria in bondage would have asked him “who is your father in this country”? Ask how Dimeji Bankole was imposed on the South West by his Politician father as the candidate for leadership of house of representative. Or how the Old Saraki made one son a governor, another daughter a senator, another daughter in the presidency and another one in the state house of assembly, or how Adedibu would chose and pick who becomes what in Oyo State.
3. Obama would have been speaking too much TURENCHI (grammar). In Nigeria we hate politicians who speak big grammar. We prefer semi illiterates like the Umaru Dikkos of this world.
4. Obama would not have agreed to go to the Okija shrine to prove his loyalty to his God father, ask the current governor of Abia State Who had to swear naked by Okija Shrine to prove his loyalty to Kalu.
5. Obama would not have had his own hired assassin, in Nigeria politicians keep death squads, ask how some of the boys in Niger delta were giving arms by the PDP governors to terrorise opponents.
6. Obama would have had only one wife and in Nigeria a politician must not only be promiscuous he must date every television presenter in the land or buy cars for famous presenter on NTA or AIT prime time or buy housed in London and New York for every young lady in the City.
7. Obama would have been too healthy to lead Nigeria, in Nigeria we prefer sick Presidents, ask how Obasonjo imposed a sick Yaradua on Nigerians, in a country of 140 Million people a sick man is the head of state.
8. Obama would have reached out to opponents in Nigeria, politics is based on tribes and region not on ideology, so it would be suicidal for Tunde Fashola of Lagos to Join a Northern party.
9. Obama’s father would have been from Ghana and in Nigeria we wont vote for you if your Papa is not the “Shon of the Shoil”.

10. Obama would have been too young; in Nigeria half of the leaders are great grand fathers that is why we recycle failures like Obasonjo, Babangida, Abubakar and the same Old Rogues.
NOTE: The list could be more but I would rather other Nigerians had to the list.
Kayode Ogundamisi

Barack Obama, Would he have been effective in Nigeria?

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