Thursday, 29 May 2008


A Nation groping in Darkness.

When Sane Citizens complain about the situation in Nigeria, they claim we are "bitter"; it takes an insane mind not to be bitter about the Nigerian State.Poverty in the midst of plenty. And my initial Solution is the re negotiation of the Nigerian State via a Sovereign National Conference were Nationalities who Make up the current Fallacy Called Nigeria will Re negotiate and install a true Nation.

A Nation that will fulfil the aspiration of the common man, Bringing governance back to the people. Not a Nation perpetuating poverty and creating elitist cities in Ajah, Asokoro, Lekki etc whilst ignoring the needs of the people of Ajegunle, Katako , Agege etc.Not a Nation were religious organisations are becoming more of the problem than the solution.Not a Nation were power is so centralized that it is easy to steal money without being noticed.Not a Nation whose citizens are treated like imbeciles internationally.

Kayode Ogundamisi