Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Wale Adedayo, Ogun State in the eyes of Yinka Odumakin

It is unfortunate that public discourse can make oneto violate an oath not to join issues with a scum likeWale Adedayo who has no credibility like Gbenga Danielwhom he serves. He talks about his days at The Punch. I have made mymark in that organization eight years before Adedayowas helped into the place because he had an ordinarypass in the University where he was more of a cultistthan a student. Let him go to Ife and check myacademic credentials and role as a students’ leader. This despicable character was working with Abacha’sman Friday Abiola Ogundokun’s Conscience Internationalwhen I was part of the proud team that resistedAbacha. He stole Ogundokun’s moneyin London and waspursued to Nigeria by the fellow when he talks ofbeing in detention under Abacha, it was because of hiscriminal activities. Post Ogundokun’s brouhaha, he relocated back to theslums of Mushin where he was living like an urchin andsurviving among touts and drug boys of Mushin untilDele Alake gave him a freelance job at The Concord. Even at The Punch where I voluntarily resigned in1992, this fellow was thrown out because he was usinghis desk to blackmail politicians and squeezing moneyfrom them. Tom Alaibe is one of such politicians. He was back in the gutter when Gbenga Daniel who has apenchant for surrounding himself with crooks who willdo his bidding because they can’t survive anywhere,picked him up for dirty jobs. If I may digress here, the Ogun State House ofAssembly is today filled with “Fayawo” guys. Out ofthe 9 members of the House
of Reps in Ogun State, only3 are graduates compared to Bauchi state where 9 out12 are graduates. A look at the compendium of theHouse will show this. So, looking at where this unfortunate character iscoming from one is not surprised at his antics. It isonly a Gbenga Daniel that can make such a joke aspokesperson. Because this boy was raised in the gutters of Mushin,he cannot appreciate the tenets of refined discourse.He is crude, uncouth and unpolished. His language isbase because of the “saje” culture of down townMushin where he was raised. Daniel has taken him outof Mushin but the gutters of Mushin cannot be takenout of him. Every argument for him must be laced with abuses. Hepicks on people vilifying them without any sense ofdecorum. His latest pick on Prof. Bolaji Aluko a finespecimen of humanity whose intellect cannot be matchedby the agbero Governor he calls “His Excellency” inAbeokuta is a pointer to this. I do not owe him any explanation on whatever might bethe disagreement within Afenifere because himself andDaniel are not members of the group. And no matter theamount of money Daniel is pumping into the pockets ofsome renegades, he cannot be a member of Afenifere inhis present constitution. Talking about anybody “doing anything” to him, it isjust a case of the guilty being afraid. Has thisviolent man forgotten that he told Popoola Ajayi inJanuary this year that he would ask his gangsters togo and tie me up. I’m still waiting for him. I knowhuman life means nothing to him and Gbenga Daniel whohas wasted uncountable lives in the process of wantingto keep power at all cost. Someday the full story behind the death of Adekogbewho was said to have financed his election to the tuneof N300m in 2003 would be
told. The guy diedmysterious before Daniel was sworn in. If Daniel thinks because he has bled Ogun State white,he can now purchase the soul of Yoruba nation he hasyet another lesson to learn. As to those the young ones should not look up to, isWale expecting the son of a Lagos business mogul whosewould-be bride was taken on a romp by Daniel few daysto their wedding, which almost affected the guy’smental balance look up to him as a role model? N.B: I don’t know what this crook knows about KSA. Weare friends till date since we first met in 1994. Ialso challenge him to bring out all the so-called“comrades” who go for shameless handouts in Abeokutato come up with their “expose”. There is no skeletonin my cupboard. I have never stolen funds anywhere Ihave served unlike those who have looted the purse oftheir state and are buying up every assets of
OduaInvestment. I don’t sniff cocaine and have never seendrugs not to talk of being a dealer. Please I amwaiting for your “expose”. By Yinka Odumakin